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Global political issues are among the main focal points of our research. The developments of global power shifts, security policy hotspots as well as geopolitical and geo-economic tensions have a decisive impact on the security and stability of Europe and Austria. The increasing interconnectedness of the world and the subsequent political and economic implications for European decision-making processes, therefore, require a comprehensive analysis of global developments. Particularly, global challenges such as the effects of climate change and the responsible application of new technologies require a thorough understanding and increased international cooperation. The Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy contributes to the discourse on global policy developments by organising public events, providing freely accessible publications, and advising public decision-makers in Austria.

Current AIES activities on the topic. Research also in the database.


The EEAS perspective on Hybrid Threats

06.06.2024 / Discussion with Mindaugas Lašas

International Visitor Leadership Program

27.02.2024 / AIES Director Michael Zinkanell as participant

International Workshop for Leadership and Security

26.02.2024 / President Werner Fasslabend as attendant

Escalation in the Middle East

01.02.2024 / Will there be a conflagration?

US-Austria Relation

05.12.2023 / U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Sonata Coulter visited the AIES

Women in Conflict Zones: Lessons from the War in Ukraine

30.11.2023 / Feminist Foreign Policy

The Climate-Security Nexus

22.11.2023 / Expert workshop at the AIES

27th European Forum Vienna

10.11.2023 / Europe's Major Challenges

EU Gateway Initiative

06.11.2023 / IEA Kenia Webinar in collaboration with the AIES

In the media

29.02.2024 / 9DASHLINE
The EU’s Global Gateway Initiative: Infrastructure Cooperation with Southeast Asia
Article by AIES Research Fellow Nick Nieschalke and AIES Senior Advisor Alfred Gerstl

16.12.2022 / GLOBcast, Spotify
The Year in Review and a Look Ahead to 2023
Podcast with Velina Tchakarova

15.11.2022 / South China Morning Post
There is more to come from the China-Russia partnership
By Velina Tchakarova

14.01.2022 / 9DASHLINE
2022: Russia the other Pacific Power
By Velina Tchakarova

31.08.2021 / DW News
Nations have vastly different approaches towards relations with the Taliban
Interview with Velina Tchakarova

14.06.2021 / The Probe
The Biden-Putin meet in Geneva is a spill-words summit
Statements by Velina Tchakarova


NATO’s Washington Summit: The Alliance Bracing for the Twilight Years

NATO’s Washington Summit: The Alliance Bracing for the Twilight Years

Ulf M Steindl: NATO’s Washington Summit: The Alliance Bracing for the Twilight Years. AIES Comment 2024/3.

From Defense to Danger: Will AI Become the Pivotal Factor Shaping the Cybersphere?

From Defense to Danger: Will AI Become the Pivotal Factor Shaping the Cybersphere?

David Kirsch: From Defense to Danger: Will AI Become the Pivotal Factor Shaping the Cybersphere? AIES Focus 2024/7.

Fair Elections - Fair Democracies? The information-democracy nexus.

Fair Elections - Fair Democracies? The information-democracy nexus.

Ursula Werther-Pietsch: Fair Elections - Fair Democracies? The information-democracy nexus. AIES Focus 2024/4.

Women in Wartime Ukraine

Women in Wartime Ukraine

Miriam Mandel: Women in Wartime Ukraine. How Feminist Foreign Policy Can Strengthen Political Minorities in Humanitarian Crisis. AIES Focus 2024/1.


20.07.23 / Episode 17 / Special Series on the EU as a global actor

EU-US Relations: A Solid Alliance in a Shifting Global Landscape?

In this episode, Associate Fellow Nick Nieschalke is in conversation with Max Bergmann, the director of the Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program and the Stuart Center in Euro-Atlantic and Northern European Studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), to discuss the current state of transatlantic relations against the background of dramatic changes in the international system – above all the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This episode is the second in a 4-part special series on the EU as a global actor. Other episodes of this series focus on the EU's relations with the China, ASEAN, as well as the African Union.

This special series is conducted in partnership with the Multilateral Dialoge Vienna of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.


27. European Forum Vienna

10.11.23 / Annual conference by the AIES



09.10.23 / Geostrategic and Geoeconomic Consequences for World Order


Our Freedom and Security in a Globalised World

01.06.23 / Panel Discussion with the President of Czech Republic, Petr Pavel


Cybersecurity and Cyberthreats – From Consultation to Action

26.04.23 / Panel Discussion with Director Michael Zinkanell


Strategic Review on Global Hotspots 2023

16.03.23 / Event in Vienna


Zeitenwende for European Security

04.11.22 / 26th European Forum, Vienna, Session 1


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