The Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy cooperates with many European and international partners.


These institutions are funding and supporting AIES:


AIES is cooperating with these institutions:

In addition, the AIES is part of the network of research institutions, focussing primarily on European Foreign and Security Policy, of the EU Institute for Security Studies and is a member of EuroDefense and the European Ideas Network.

AIES is also part of the EU's European Security and Defence College.

Horizon 2020

Improving the Effectiveness of EU Capabilities in Conflict Prevention (IECEU)

The IECEU project is aiming to enhance the conflict prevention capabilities of the European Union. This project has received funding from the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation HORIZON 2020. The IECEU Consortium (11 participants from 7 different European countries) itself consists of a diverse group of civilian, research and military organizations. The consortium is coordinated by Laurea University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

The main goals of the IECEU -project are:

  • Analysing the current situation of on-going and past European Union CSDP missions and operations.

  • Learning from lessons provided by these CSDP missions and assessing the different options.

  • Providing new solutions, approaches and recommendations for the EU to guarantee long-term stability through conflict prevention and peacebuilding.

Shabka: Future Strategist Hub

The Future Strategist Hub is a format by the platform Shabka in order to foster young academics in the area of security policy. In all-day workshops strategic forecasts for the EU development analysis and options for action were developed under the supervision of experts, with the result of concrete policy recommendations which were presented to the public, policy makers and representatives of the media.

The AIES contributed not only as a sponsor, but also regarding content and supervision in this periodic format.

World Youth Academy

The World Youth Academy is an organization which offers courses, visits to international organisations as well as workshops with a practical approach and expertise. The topics encompass international security, peace- and conflict negotiations, human rights and development issues. The courses are held by high ranking experts, who share their practical experience in an open and interactive environment.

Through groupwork and social activities the participants have the unique opportunity to establish networks with likeminded peers as well as experts from various fields.

The AIES contributes to the WYA with expertise and a cooperation during the events.

European Ideas Network (EIN)

The European Ideas Network (EIN) is a public pan-European think tank process, implemented in 2002, fostering innovative reflections on the central challenges with which the EU and its member states are confronted.

The EIN counts about 600 members in the EU member states including politicians, representatives of economics, academia and think tanks, the media as well as civilians. In working groups the major challenges of the EU are discussed. Every year there is a Summer University organised. The network also offers a platform for national think tanks and political academies to collaborate on a European level. At present more than 35 organisations are members of the EIN. The AIES has been a member since 2004.


The international network EuroDefense was founded in France in the 1990s. EuroDefense wants to contribute to the project of a common European Security and Defence Policy. In this context proposals are elaborated which are based on the following questions: How can the EU improve their capability to act independently as a international military player? How can the strategic partnership with the US be sustained?

EuroDefense is a non-partisan network of personalities from diplomacy, the armed forces, economics and academia, advocating and supporting the project of a common European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) and its implementation on a European level. In the following 13 of 27 EU member states there are EuroDefense organisations according to the French model: Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Rumania, Spain and Hungary.