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European Forum 2021

25 Jahre Europaforum

Photos: Lechner

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Weekly News Update of the AIES

Weekly News Update (09.02.22)
+++ Ease of Covid-19 measures and restrictions across Europe +++ Vaccination pass not required strictly anymore in several countries +++ Opening up Europe +++


Latest Publications

Hedging Strategies in Southeast Asia

Alfred Gerstl: Hedging Strategies in Southeast Asia. ASEAN, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam and their Relations with China, ISBN 9781032075167, Routledge, 2022, 162 Pages.

Geopolitics of the War in Ukraine

Foreign Affairs Institute: Geopolitics of the War in Ukraine, Report June 2022 by Ioannis E. Kotoulas, Adjunct Lecturer in Geopolitics University of Athens, and Wolfgang Pusztai, Security & Policy Analyst Director, Perim Associates.

Three Seas Initiative

Three Seas Initiative – Mapping National Perspectives. Editors: Andris Sprūds, Mārtiņš Vargulis, Latvian Institute of International Affairs 2022.

The Future of the Sino-European Overland Connectivity

Markus Keuper: The Implications of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on the Future of Sino-European Overland Connectivity, AIES Fokus 6/2022

North Africa and the Sahel region

Wolfgang Pusztai: North Africa and the Sahel region, AIES Comment 3/2022

The Perils of Black Sea Security

Eugene Kogan: The Perils of Black Sea Security, AIES Fokus 5/2022

More Publications

Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy

For over 25 years (est. 1996), the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) is researching on various issues regarding the European Union and the European Integration Process.

In doing so, the focus lies on European Security and Defence Policy with regards to the European Neighbourhood Policy, transatlantic relations as well as the Austrian Foreign-, European and Security Policy.

The AIES is not only doing research on these subject areas, but also provides demand-oriented analysis and recommendations for contract partners. It is also organizing internal workshops, training courses and public discussions. In the course of this interdisciplinary work the AIES team of experts is using a network of research, political, economic, social and military institutions, facilities of the civil society, the media as well as international organisations.

AIES Profile

Relations between China & Europe

China has imposed retaliatory sanctions on 10 individuals & 4 institutions in Europe. We represent over 30 directors of European research institutions concerned that this targeting undermines mutual understanding between China & Europe.



US-China Nuclear Relations

12.07.22   Velina's Talk with David Santoro

David Santoro is the President and CEO of The Pacific Forum and a published author. His latest work, 'US-China Nuclear Relations: The Importance Of Strategic Triangles', handles the sensitive matter of regulation concerning nuclear weapons.

Finland's Path to NATO Membership

12.07.22   Velina's Talk with Alexander Stubb

Alexander Stubb is the Director of the School of Transnational Governance.

The New Australian Government

12.07.22   Velina's Talk with Gray Connolly

Gray Connolly is a lawyer and writer on politics, military affairs, and geopolitics in Sydney, Australia.

Activities, Articles & Podcasts

What the Kazakhstan crisis tells us about international relations

Commentary by Velina Tchakarova

20.01.2022 / CEIAS Considers

2022: Russia the other Pacific Power

By Velina Tchakarova

14.01.2022 / 9DASHLINE

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Is the West prepared for War?

Politics on Point – The AIES Podcast Episode 15 / Special Series on US-Europe Relations / 27.08.21

AIES Podcast

In the final episode of the special series on US-Europe relations, AIES Director Velina Tchakarova talked to Dakota Wood, Senior Research Fellow for Defense Programs at the Heritage Foundation, about the prospects of and the West's preparedness for a next Great War.

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