Austrian Foreign, Security, Defence Policy

Austrian foreign, security, and defence policy represent a central focus of our research activities. As part of the EU, Austria plays an important role in the implementation of the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). Our research and analysis aim to identify the opportunities and challenges for Austria, and to point out possibilities to contribute to national and European security. The Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy stimulates the public discourse, raises awareness of the importance of the matter, and provides analytical input for Austrian foreign, security and defence policies in a complex world. In this context, the AIES organises public discussions, consults with decision-makers from politics and administration, regularly publishes analysis papers, and presents its research results in various media appearances.

Current AIES activities on the topic. Research also in the database.


Taking stock of hybrid threats relevant to security and defense policy

27.05.2024 / Expert workshop with the Federal Ministry of Defense

The European Defence Industrial Strategy

21.03.2024 / Expert Workshop at the AIES

US-Austria Relation

05.12.2023 / U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Sonata Coulter visited the AIES

Energy Independency & Security of Supply for Austria

16.11.2023 / Conference of the Wiener Euro-Asiatisches Forum

Presentation Neutrality Study

14.11.2023 / Visit of the AIES at the British Embassy

27th European Forum Vienna

10.11.2023 / Europe's Major Challenges

Presentation of study findings: Austria's neutrality

06.09.2023 / Presentation of the main findings of the expert-study on Austrian neutrality

Austria-Vietnam relation within global changes

23.07.2023 / President Vo Van Thuong from Vietnam in dialogue with Alfred Gerstl

Austrian Forum for Peace

05.07.2023 / Michael Zinkanell and Christoph Schwarz at the conference

In the media

15.03.2024 / Defense News
Sweden and Finland have dropped neutrality. Austria still fetes it.
Statements by AIES Research Fellow Christoph Schwarz

27.02.2024 / Radio Télévison Suisse
L’Autriche veut tripler son budget militaire
Statement by AIES Research Fellow Ulf Steindl

15.08.2022 / Al Jazeera
Austria commits to neutrality, even as Russia destroys Ukraine
Statements by Christoph Schwarz


Risk of Technology transfer to China in Austria’s security and defence industry

Risk of Technology transfer to China in Austria’s security and defence industry

Christoph Strecker: Risk of Technology transfer to China in Austria’s security and defence industry. AIES Focus 2024/2.

Risikobild 2024 - Welt aus den Fugen

Risikobild 2024 - Welt aus den Fugen

AIES Board Member Martin Sajdik trug zum Risikobild 2024 des Bundesministeriums für Landesverteidigung bei.

Österreichs Sicherheitspolitik auf dem Prüfstand

Österreichs Sicherheitspolitik auf dem Prüfstand

Dr. Franz Cede und Dr. Christian Prosl: Österreichs Sicherheitspolitik auf dem Prüfstand, AIES Kommentar 5/2023.

Austria's Neutrality - Role and Options in an Evolving World Order (Executive Summary)

Austria's Neutrality - Role and Options in an Evolving World Order (Executive Summary)

Christoph Schwarz, Adam Urosevic: Austria's Neutrality - Role and Options in an Evolving World Order, AIES Study1/2023 - Executive Summary


04.08.20 / Episode 02

Austria-China Relations during Covid-19

While the Covid-19 crisis has not induced a restructuring of Sino-Austrian relations, it might intensify Austria's European engagement regarding China. Austria might hence be impelled to continue on a national level its policy of neutrality and non-confrontational approach towards China but increase its engagement on a European level. Research Associates Sofia-Maria Satanakis and Lucas Erlbacher discuss the state of the Austria-China relation during the Covid-19 crisis. Lucas Erlbacher is the author of the Austrian Chapter in the Special Report 'Covid-19 and Europe-China Relations' by the European Think-Tank Network on China (ETNC).


27. European Forum Vienna

10.11.23 / Annual conference by the AIES


Free and Open Indo–Pacific (FOIP) Perspectives of Japan and Austria/Europe

30.06.21 / Webinar co-hosted by the Embassy of Japan in Austria, and the AIES


Robotic Wars

27.05.21 / Velina Tchakarova speaks with Markus Reisner, Colonel (General Staff), Austrian Armed Forces


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