The Indo-Pacific is one of the most important geopolitical and geo-economic regions in the world, which will continue to gain relevance in the 21st century. The region is the world's fastest-growing economic region and is essential for global trade routes. Developments in the region's security and economic and political relations are of great importance for its stability and influence in the world. China and India are the two rising powers in the region, already becoming key global players today. In addition, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) as well as the economic powers of Japan and South Korea become increasingly relevant for the region and at the global political level. The Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy, therefore, deals intensively with the numerous facets of geopolitical conflicts and diverging interests in the Indo-Pacific. In this context, the bilateral and multilateral relations between the region’s countries and the European Union as well as its Member States are of particular interest. The AIES is a member of the European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC) and is in close exchange with stakeholders from ASEAN. With our publications and public events, we provide in-depth analysis and advise European decision-makers on the risks and potentials of developments in the Indo-Pacific.

Current AIES activities on the topic. Research also in the database.


Security Challenges for Pakistan

06.02.2024 / Extremism, climate change and the wider region

Taiwan Election

24.01.2024 / Analysing Influence Campaigns and Future Cross-Strait Relations

Election Results in Taiwan and Global Security Dynamics

16.01.2024 / Discussion with AIES Director Michael Zinkanell

China and the Xi Jinping Era

12.12.2023 / Public lecture with McGregor

Key Strategic and Economic Powers in the Indo-Pacific

20.10.2023 / AIES Workshop with the Australian Embassy

South Korea's role in the Indo-Pacific

20.10.2023 / Exchange with South Korean experts

The EU and China

16.10.2023 / The AIES at the ETNC conference in Stockholm


09.10.2023 / Geostrategic and Geoeconomic Consequences for World Order

China and the Realignment of the World

29.09.2023 / In dialogue with Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik about her new book

In the media

14.01.2022 / 9DASHLINE
2022: Russia the other Pacific Power
By Velina Tchakarova

19.11.2021 /
Geopolitical Europe: How to navigate in the Indo-Pacific Decade?
By Velina Tchakarova

25.10.2021 /
AUKUS: Resetting European Thinking on Indo-Pacific?
Special Paper with the participation of Velina Tchakarova

02.09.2021 /
Partnership for a Rules-based Order in the Indo-Pacific
Participation of Velina Tchakarova, Bled Strategic Forum 2021

29.07.2021 /
Will China get embroildes in the Graveyard of Empires?
By Velina Tchakarova


Strategies and approaches of EU countries to the Indo-Pacific region: Implications for Slovakia

Strategies and approaches of EU countries to the Indo-Pacific region: Implications for Slovakia

CEIAS Publication: AIES Senior Advisor Dr. Alfred Gerstl and AIES Research Associate Nick Nieschalke contributed to the paper.

 Von der wirtschaftlichen zur militärischen Spitze?

Von der wirtschaftlichen zur militärischen Spitze?

Nikolaus Scholik: China: Von der wirtschaftlichen zur militärischen Spitze? Zeitschrift für Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik (ZfAS), Juni 2023

The People’s Republic of China: Political perceptions in Central Europe

The People’s Republic of China: Political perceptions in Central Europe

Austrian country chapter by Lucas Erlbacher. The publication of this report was undertaken by the Council on Geostrategy, London.

Beyond the Dumpling Alliance

Beyond the Dumpling Alliance

CEIAS: Tracking Taiwan’s relations with Central and Eastern Europe. Edited by Matej Šimalčík, Alfred Gerstl, Dominika Remžová. AIES Senior Advisor Dr. Alfred Gerstl contributed to the paper as co-editor.


08.08.23 / Episode 18 / Special Series on the EU as a global actor

EU-ASEAN Relations: Potential for Enhanced Cooperation

In this episode, Director Michael Zinkanell is in conversation with Choi Shing Kwok, Director and Chief Executive Officer of the ISEAS - Yusof Ishak Institute, to discuss the current state of EU-ASEAN relations against the background of dramatic changes in the international system - above all the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This episode is the third in a 4-part special series on the EU as a global actor. Other episodes of this series focus on the EU's relations with the China, the US, as well as the African Union.

This special series is conducted in partnership with the Multilateral Dialoge Vienna of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.


27. European Forum Vienna

10.11.23 / Annual conference by the AIES



09.10.23 / Geostrategic and Geoeconomic Consequences for World Order


Rising Power India

11.10.22 / AIES panel discussion in Vienna


US-China Nuclear Relations

12.07.22 / Velina's Talk with David Santoro


Lessons from Sri Lanka

12.07.22 / Velina's Talk with Nitin Gokhale


NATO's New Enemy: China

04.07.22 / Velina Tchakarova in conversation with Surva Gangadharan, StratNewsGlobal


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