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As part of its mission to raise public awareness, the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy also responds to media inquiries on current foreign, security, and defence policy issues. If you are interested, please contact us via or reach out to our experts directly.

What’s next after assassination attempt in Slovakia

Statements by Research Fellow Lívia Benko
23.05.2024 / Responsible Statecraft

NATO and the Republic of Korea: The AP4 in the Indo-Pacific

Article by AIES Senior Advisor Michael Reiterer
08.05.2024 / 38 North

Sweden and Finland have dropped neutrality. Austria still fetes it.

Statements by AIES Research Fellow Christoph Schwarz
15.03.2024 / Defense News

The EU’s Global Gateway Initiative: Infrastructure Cooperation with Southeast Asia

Article by AIES Research Fellow Nick Nieschalke and AIES Senior Advisor Alfred Gerstl
29.02.2024 / 9DASHLINE

L’Autriche veut tripler son budget militaire

Statement by AIES Research Fellow Ulf Steindl
27.02.2024 / Radio Télévison Suisse

War on Gaza: In Munich, the Global South once again saw blatant hypocrisy of western leaders

Statements von AIES Research Fellow Chistoph Schwarz
24.02.2024 / Middle East Eye

Two years into Russia’s war in Ukraine, how strong is NATO’s unity?

Statements by AIES Research Fellow Chistoph Schwarz
19.02.2024 / Al Jazeera English

The Year in Review and a Look Ahead to 2023

Podcast with Velina Tchakarova
16.12.2022 / GLOBcast, Spotify

There is more to come from the China-Russia partnership

By Velina Tchakarova
15.11.2022 / South China Morning Post

Austria commits to neutrality, even as Russia destroys Ukraine

Statements by Christoph Schwarz
15.08.2022 / Al Jazeera

What the Kazakhstan crisis tells us about international relations

Commentary by Velina Tchakarova
20.01.2022 / CEIAS Considers

2022: Russia the other Pacific Power

By Velina Tchakarova
14.01.2022 / 9DASHLINE

The EU realizes it can't rely on America for protection

Statement by Velina Tchakarova
20.11.2021 / CNN

Geopolitical Europe: How to navigate in the Indo-Pacific Decade?

By Velina Tchakarova
19.11.2021 /

Libya is taking baby steps in the right direction

By Wolfgang Pusztai
30.10.2021 /

AUKUS: Resetting European Thinking on Indo-Pacific?

Special Paper with the participation of Velina Tchakarova

What The New German Government Could Look Like: The Three Options

Podcast with Velina Tchakarova
01.10.2021 / @StratNewsGlobal (Soundcloud)

Partnership for a Rules-based Order in the Indo-Pacific

Participation of Velina Tchakarova, Bled Strategic Forum 2021
02.09.2021 /

Nations have vastly different approaches towards relations with the Taliban

Interview with Velina Tchakarova
31.08.2021 / DW News

Will China get embroildes in the Graveyard of Empires?

By Velina Tchakarova
29.07.2021 /

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