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As one of the world's largest economic and trading areas, the political and socio-economic developments of the European Union and its Member States are of great importance both for European integration and for global political stability. The steady evolution of the European project has made the EU a champion of fundamental democratic values and the rule of law as well as one of the most successful peace initiatives and economic models. The pan-European response to recent challenges, such as Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, has shown that the EU must be able to act swiftly, effectively, and collectively to defend its interests on the global stage. In view of the current global conflicts and crises, a critical analysis of European coherence and capacity to act is of great importance. The Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy contributes to the EU discourse through public events, academic publications, expert workshops and advises decision-makers at home and abroad.

Current AIES activities on the topic. Research also in the database.


Will there be a Change of Course in Slovakia?

20.09.2023 / National Council Elections in the Slovak Republic and their consequences for Austria and the EU

Workshop on European Issues

06.07.2023 / Wolfgang Pusztai at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

The impact of the war in Ukraine

28.06.2023 / Expert Workshop about the Visegrád Group

The 'Three Seas Initiative' in the context of European developments

06.06.2023 / Supporting Central Europe on the path to energy diversification

Geopolitical Challenges to Europe

22.05.2023 / Discussion with students from Hamburg

Cybersecurity and Cyberthreats – From Consultation to Action

26.04.2023 / Panel Discussion with AIES Director Michael Zinkanell

Energy security and geopolitics

04.10.2022 / Velina Tchakarova at the "Energy Future Now!" Congress in Vienna

Talk with Peter Hefele

01.03.2022 / Visit from the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies

Challenges of Europe 2022

25.01.2022 / AIES Event with Dr. Martin Selmayr

In the media

19.11.2021 /
Geopolitical Europe: How to navigate in the Indo-Pacific Decade?
By Velina Tchakarova

25.10.2021 /
AUKUS: Resetting European Thinking on Indo-Pacific?
Special Paper with the participation of Velina Tchakarova

01.10.2021 / @StratNewsGlobal (Soundcloud)
What The New German Government Could Look Like: The Three Options
Podcast with Velina Tchakarova

11.05.2021 /
10 megatrends shaping emerging Europe in the post-pandemic 2020s
Statements by Velina Tchakarova

11.11.2020 /
EU-India think tanks present insights on effective bilateral cooperation for a post-Covid world
Participation by Velina Tchakarova


Hungary’s Eastern Opening Policy as a Long-Term Political-Economic Strategy

Hungary’s Eastern Opening Policy as a Long-Term Political-Economic Strategy

Gabriela Greilinger: Hungary’s Eastern Opening Policy as a Long-Term Political-Economic Strategy, AIES Fokus 4/2023

The People’s Republic of China: Political perceptions in Central Europe

The People’s Republic of China: Political perceptions in Central Europe

Austrian country chapter by Lucas Erlbacher. The publication of this report was undertaken by the Council on Geostrategy, London.

Beyond the Dumpling Alliance

Beyond the Dumpling Alliance

CEIAS: Tracking Taiwan’s relations with Central and Eastern Europe. Edited by Matej Šimalčík, Alfred Gerstl, Dominika Remžová. AIES Senior Advisor Dr. Alfred Gerstl contributed to the paper as co-editor.

Cybersecurity Policy in the EU and South Korea

Cybersecurity Policy in the EU and South Korea

Gertjan Boulet, Michael Reiterer, Ramon Pacheco Pardo (Eds.): Cybersecurity Policy in the EU and South Korea from Consultation to Action. Theoretical and Comparative Perspectives. 292 pages. ISBN 978-3-031-08383-9. Palgrave Macmillan Cham, 2022.


14.08.23 / Episode 19 / Special Series on the EU as a global actor

EU-AU Relations: An Outlook for the Intercontinental Partnership

In this episode, Research Fellow Livia Benko is in conversation with Kwame Owino, Chief Executive Officer of the International Institute of Economic Affairs Kenya (IEA), to discuss the current state of EU-AU relations against the background of dramatic changes in the international system - above all the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This episode is the last in a 4-part special series on the EU as a global actor. Other episodes of this series focus on the EU's relations with the China, ASEAN, as well as the US.

This special series is conducted in partnership with the Multilateral Dialoge Vienna of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.


Zeitenwende for European Security

04.11.22 / 26th European Forum, Vienna, Session 1


Europe's Global Role following Russia's war against Ukraine

04.11.22 / 26th European Forum, Vienna, Session 2


NATO's New Enemy: China

04.07.22 / Velina Tchakarova in conversation with Surva Gangadharan, StratNewsGlobal


Three Seas Initiative: Mapping National Perspectives

20.06.22 / E-presentation of the book


European integration in the light of geopolitical challenges

14.06.22 / Discussion panel at wiiw Spring Seminar 2022 with Velina Tchakarova


EU-India: What next?

27.04.22 / StratNewsGlobal meets Velina Tchakarova


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