Energy (In)security in Central Europe?

The Situation After Two Years of Russia's War Against Ukraine

Feb 27, 2024 / Vienna / EU Affairs / EU Neighbourhood

The event "Energy (In)Security in Central Europe? The Situation After Two Years of Russia's War Against Ukraine" took place on 27 February 2024, organized by the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) in collaboration with the Czech, Polish, and Slovenian Embassies at the Vienna School of International Studies.

Keynote speaker Karlheinz Kopf (Secretary General, Austrian Economic Chamber) and experts including Walter Boltz (Senior Advisor, Baker McKenzie), Tomáš Ehler (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic), Martin Schebesta (Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin), Jakub Gibek (Ministry of Climate and Environment of Poland), and Ambassador Aleksander Geržina (Slovenia to Austria) discussed energy security in the wake of Russia's war against Ukraine. AIES Board Member Martin Sajdik moderated the discussion.

The main issues discussed were the significant impact of Russia's war against Ukraine on Europe's energy security and its dependency, highlighting the need for diversification of energy sources. The importance of transitioning to renewable energy to reduce reliance on Russian supplies and enhance independence was emphasized. The challenges and geopolitical tensions in achieving energy security were underscored, with a focus on regional cooperation. Strategies for Europe's energy independence, including adopting new technologies and investing in renewable infrastructure, were debated.

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