european defence industrial strategy

The European Defence Industrial Strategy

Expert Workshop at the AIES

Mar 21, 2024 / Vienna / European Security and Defence / Austrian Foreign, Security, Defence Policy

On 21 March 2023, the Austria Institute for European and Security Policy hosted an exclusive workshop on “The European Defence Industrial Strategy and the European Defence Investment Programme: Challenges and Opportunities for Austria”. The workshop provided an initial assessment of the European Defence Industrial Strategy presented by the European Commission on 5 March and the proposal for the linked Investment Programme. The focus of the discussion was on the relevance for the Austrian Armed Forces and the significance for Austrian companies and institutes.

Four experts presented at the workshop: Edouard Simon, Legal and Policy Officer of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Defence Industry and Space; Colonel Klaus Jenschik, Head of Armaments Planning, Directorate 5 of the Federal Ministry of Defence; Sonja Linskeseder, Deputy Managing Director, ARGE Security and Economy, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber; and Thomas Leithner, National Focal Point for the European Defence Fund of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. The discussion was moderated by AIES Research Fellow Ulf Steindl.

The workshop was held in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defence.

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