Vienna Dialogue 2024 on the future of Europe

Potentials of German-Austrian cooperation

Apr 22, 2024 / Vienna / EU Affairs / European Security and Defence / EU Neighbourhood

The fifth Vienna Dialogue on the Future of Europe organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) Multilateral Dialogue Vienna and the University of Passau took place in Vienna on 22 and 23 April. Under the title "Potentials of German-Austrian Cooperation in the Foreign Policy of the European Union", four working groups discussed and developed proposals to promote new initiatives for German-Austrian cooperation within the framework of the CSDP.

AIES Director Michael Zinkanell and AIES Research Fellow Ulf Steindl took part in the two working groups Europe's Neighborhood: "Ring of fire" or "Ring of friends"? and Europe's Defense Capability: Zeitenwende or Zeitenwenderl. The experts' work during the day was complemented by a high-quality evening event with the title Vienna Congress on the Future of Europe.

© Eva Dohalova, KAS Wien

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