Jahr Datum Titel Untertitel
2021 2021/09/22 Deutschland vor dem Wechsel?! AIES Talk mit Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering, Präsident des Europäischen Parlaments a.D.
2021 2021/09/21 Afghanistan Velina's Talk with Hizbullah Khan
2021 2021/09/16 Iran unter Präsident Raisi AIES Talk mit Dr. Arian Hamidi Faal
2021 2021/07/14 US-China Systemic Rivalry AIES Director Velina Tchakarova speaks with Kyle Bass, Chief Investment Officer Hayman Capital Management.
2021 2021/06/30 Free and Open Indo–Pacific (FOIP) Perspectives of Japan and Austria/Europe Webinar co-hosted by the Embassy of Japan in Austria, and the AIES
2021 2021/06/29 Connectivity Geopolitics of the Mediterranean and Africa AIES Director Velina Tchakarova speaks with Prof. Michaël Tanchum
2021 2021/06/24 The Future Starts Now Velina Tchakarova speaks with futurist and economist Bronwyn Williams
2021 2021/06/23 Neustart Italiens unter Premierminister Draghi? AIES Talk mit dem Landeshauptmann Südtirols, Arno Kompatscher
2021 2021/06/22 Webinar: The future of the multilateral, rule-based international order Online webinar with Velina Tchakarova
2021 2021/06/15 Russia and the Construct of the Indo-Pacific #GlobalHint | Episode 2 | Season 2 with Velina Tchakarova
2021 2021/06/02 The Future of European Defense AIES Talk with Niklas Nováky, Martens Centre for European Studies
2021 2021/05/27 Robotic Wars Velina Tchakarova speaks with Markus Reisner, Colonel (General Staff), Austrian Armed Forces
2021 2021/05/26 Georgia and the Challenges in the Black Sea Region AIES Talk with Ambassador Ketevan Tsikhelashvili
2021 2021/05/24 Second Thoughts? Why EU is Hesitant on China StratNewsGlobal Talk with Velina Tchakarova
2021 2021/05/15 Global Macro Outlook Velina's Talk with Albert Marko and Nicholas Glinsman
2021 2021/05/12 Auslandseinsätze des österreichischen Bundesheeres AIES Talk mit General Karl Schmidseder
2021 2021/05/11 Learnings from High Level EU-India Leaders Meeting 2021 Evaluating the Strategic Partnership after the Porto Summit, Session 2, Velina Tchakarova
2021 2021/05/11 The Big Reset and India Velina Tchakarova talks with Samir Saran
2021 2021/05/06 Covid-19 and the Middle East Velina Tchakarova talks with Michael Tanchum and Mitchell Belfer
2021 2021/05/05 Was bringt die Konferenz zur Zukunft Europas? AIES Talk mit Prof. Dr. Ulrike Guérot
2021 2021/04/30 Disease, Disorder and Disunity Velina Tchakarova talks with Harald Malmgren and Albert Marko
2021 2021/04/30 South Caucasus as Global Hotspot Velina Tchakarova speaks with Robert Cutler
2021 2021/04/28 Geopolitische Konsequenzen der COVID-19 Krise AIES Talk mit Dr. Walter Feichtinger
2021 2021/04/24 The Post-Coronavirus Financial and Monetary System Velina Tchakarova talks with James Rickards, NY Times bestselling author 'The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World'
2021 2021/04/22 A new New World Order? In this episode of The Small Print, Bronwyn is joined by political scientist Velina Tchakarova to discuss global macro trends in a post-Covid world.
2021 2021/04/21 Putin's powerplay against Ukraine AIES Talk with Borys Tarasyuk
2021 2021/04/16 Kronenzeitung „Moment Mal“: Impfen ist politisch „Russland will zeigen, wie gespalten Europa ist“
2021 2021/04/16 Geoeconomic Trends and Shifts AIES Director Velina Tchakarova speaks with Pippa Malmgren, an American policy and economic analyst.
2021 2021/04/14 President Biden's first 100 days AIES Talk mit Stanley R. Sloan, AIES Senior Associate Fellow
2021 2021/04/07 Fällt Afghanistan an die Taliban? AIES Talk mit Dr. Markus Gauster
2021 2021/03/31 United Kingdom's Global Review after Brexit AIES Talk with Ambassador Leigh Turner
2021 2021/03/25 Parlamentswahlen in Bulgarien 2021 Online-Diskussion mit Velina Tchakarova
2021 2021/03/23 Perceptions of the EU in Central Europe amid COVID-related crisis Online Panel with Velina Tchakarova
2021 2021/03/22 Cyber Security in International Politics: The Perspectives of Japan and Austria Online Discussion
2021 2021/03/17 Die geopolitische Brisanz der Energiewende AIES Talk mit Karin Kneissl, Außenministerin a.D.
2021 2021/03/08 How governance can shape a better future? E-Discussion with Velina Tchakarova
2021 2021/03/08 AI & Global Power Online Panel with Velina Tchakarova
2021 2021/03/03 Myanmar – Crisis and Perspectives AIES Talk with Kristina Kironska and Alfred Gerstl
2021 2021/02/25 Any Chance for the Iran Nuclear Deal? AIES Talkt with Ali Soltanieh, F. Iran Ambassador to IAEA, and Heinz Gärtner, Prof. University of Vienna
2021 2021/02/19 Europe’s Belt and Road corridors into Africa With statements about the AIES and the publications of AIES Senior Associate Fellow Dr. Michaël Tanchum
2021 2021/02/19 The Situation in Afghanistan Al Jazeera Interview with AIES President Dr. Werner Fasslabend
2021 2021/02/17 Der Balkan seine Krisen, Konflikte und Zukunftsperspektiven AIES Talk mit Christian Wehrschütz, Journalist und Balkan-Experte.
2021 2021/02/12 Strategic Review on Global Hotspots Online Discussion
2021 2021/02/10 Arabischer Frühling ohne Sommer? AIES Talk mit Dr. Martin Pabst (Oberst d.R.)
2021 2021/02/08 Reset in EU-Russia Relations Velina's Talk on YouTube
2021 2021/02/01 Die Geopolitische Rolle der EU 2021 AIES-Talk mit Prof. Dr. Martin Selmayr und Dr. Werner Fasslabend
2021 2021/01/29 Global Energy Transition Velina's Talk on YouTube
2021 2021/01/23 Europe-US Relations under Biden Velina's Talk on YouTube
2021 2021/01/15 Europe in the Era of Great Power Competition Velina's Talk on YouTube
2021 2021/01/05 Global Power Shifts Velina's Talk on YouTube
2020 2020/12/09 The US and Europe under President Biden Dr. Werner Fasslabend und Johannes Pollak im Gespräch
2020 2020/12/02 Der Transnistrien-Konflikt und aktuelle Entwicklungen in der Region AIES Präsident Dr. Werner Fasslabend spricht mit Botschafter und OSZE Sonderbeauftragten Thomas Mayr-Harting
2020 2020/11/18 Terror in Europa AIES Präsident Dr. Werner Fasslabend im Gespräch mit dem Terrorismus Experten Mag. Dr. Nicolas Stockhammer
2020 2020/11/06 Europas Sicherheitspolitik auf dem Prüfstand 24. Europaforum
2020 2020/10/27 Towards Inclusive Democracies – Women’s Representation, Leadership, Security, and International Relations Online panel with Velina Tchakarova
2020 2020/10/13 Will Joe Biden be the next US President? Velina Tchakarova im Gespräch mit Stanley R. Sloan, Gründungsdirektor der Atlantic Community Initiative
2020 2020/10/05 Why can Trump still win the Elections? Dr. Werner Fasslabend im Gespräch mit Jan Surotchak
2020 2020/10/02 Turkey and Libya AIES Digital Talk with Velina Tchakarova and Wolfgang Pusztai
2020 2020/08/12 Desinformation in der Pandemie Diskussion auf KroneTV
2020 2020/07/08 Sicherheit nach COVID-19 Anfang Juni 2020 diskutierten Sofia Maria Satanakis und Michael Zinkanell gemeinsam mit Lukas Wank, dem Co-Direktor des Think Tanks Shabka.
2020 2020/07/07 ­Deceive and Disrupt: Disinformation as an Emerging Cybersecurity Challenge AIES Research Fellow Michael Zinkanell und Arthur Liederkerke, MA, im Gespräch.
2020 2020/06/25 Kann Deutschland Europa aus der Krise führen? Dr. Werner Fasslabend und Bundesministerin a.D. Claudia Crawford im Gespräch
2020 2020/03/09 Diskussion auf KroneTV Das EU-Türkei Abkommen und die europäische Migrationspolitik
2019 2019/06/14 Challenges for Italy and Europe Interview with Franco Frattini
2019 2019/05/20 Three reasons why Europeans should vote Velina Tchakarova, Head of AIES, has three reasons why Europeans should take part in the election for the European Parliament.
2019 2019/05/20 Brexit and the European Parliament Elections 2019 Lawrence Kettle M.A. Associate Fellow
2019 2019/05/20 EU Elections Elisabetta Recher, MSc AIES Associate Fellow
2019 2019/05/17 EU Elections 2019 Populist forces are on the rise and can significantly influence the EU elections. AIES Research Fellow JUDr. Lívia Benková M.A. talks about the possible implications of the populist victory on the EU in the upcoming elections.
2019 2019/05/16 Go and vote for Europe! The EU is more than its policies and institutions. It represents shared principles and the notion of a common identity. Michael Zinkanell on the importance of the upcoming European Elections.
2019 2019/05/10 How anti-Europeans plan to wreck Europe and what can be done to stop it Sofia Satanakis, M.E.S. explains to us a 3-step strategy to strengthen Europe
2019 2019/01/24 Raisina Dialogue The Future of Work: Earning to Live vs. Living to Earn
2018 2018/12/10 Unity and disunity in Europe: New approaches to European cooperation Public discussion
2018 2018/11/14 22nd European Forum 2018 The EU as a leading actor for stability, security and defence in Europe
2018 2018/10/09 The Future of the Transatlantic Relations, China Russia and Brexit By Stanley Sloan, AIES Associate Fellow
2018 2018/07/09 The Visegrad Group's stance on migration By JUDr. Livia Benkova, M.A., Research Fellow
2018 2018/07/09 Trump, the Dragonbear, and the bipolar World Order 2.0 By Velina Tchakarova, Head of Institute, AIES