Challenges for Italy and Europe

14.06.19   Interview with Franco Frattini

Three reasons why Europeans should vote

20.05.19   Velina Tchakarova, Head of AIES, has three reasons why Europeans should take part in the election for the European Parliament.

Brexit and the European Parliament Elections 2019

20.05.19   Lawrence Kettle M.A. Associate Fellow

EU Elections

20.05.19   Elisabetta Recher, MSc AIES Associate Fellow

EU Elections 2019

17.05.19   Populist forces are on the rise and can significantly influence the EU elections. AIES Research Fellow JUDr. Lívia Benková M.A. talks about the possible implications of the populist victory on the EU in the upcoming elections.

Go and vote for Europe!

16.05.19   The EU is more than its policies and institutions. It represents shared principles and the notion of a common identity. Michael Zinkanell on the importance of the upcoming European Elections.

How anti-Europeans plan to wreck Europe and what can be done to stop it

10.05.19   Sofia Satanakis, M.E.S. explains to us a 3-step strategy to strengthen Europe

Raisina Dialogue

24.01.19   The Future of Work: Earning to Live vs. Living to Earn

Unity and disunity in Europe: New approaches to European cooperation

10.12.18   Public discussion

22nd European Forum 2018

14.11.18   The EU as a leading actor for stability, security and defence in Europe

The Future of the Transatlantic Relations, China Russia and Brexit

09.10.18   By Stanley Sloan, AIES Associate Fellow

The Visegrad Group's stance on migration

09.07.18   By JUDr. Livia Benkova, M.A., Research Fellow

Trump, the Dragonbear, and the bipolar World Order 2.0

09.07.18   By Velina Tchakarova, Head of Institute, AIES