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In our AIES Podcast series, we shed a light on global affairs and the most pressing political issues of our time. From unfolding events to long-term trends and our most recent publications, we aim to bring the world a step closer to our audience, one podcast at a time.

04.08.20 / Folge 2

Austria-China Relations during Covid-19

While the Covid-19 crisis has not induced a restructuring of Sino-Austrian relations, it might intensify Austria's European engagement regarding China. Austria might hence be impelled to continue on a national level its policy of neutrality and non-confrontational approach towards China but increase its engagement on a European level. Sofia-Maria Satanakis, Research Fellow at the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy, and Lucas Erlbacher discuss the state of the Austria-China relation during the Covid-19 crisis. Lucas Erlbacher is the author of the Austrian Chapter in the Special Report 'Covid-19 and Europe-China Relations' by the European Think-Tank Network on China (ETNC).

15.07.20 / Folge 1

The Increasing Militarisiation of Space

Sofia-Maria Satanakis, Research Fellow at the Austria Institute for European and Security Policy, talks with AIES Intern and co-author of the AIES Fokus Paper "Space Race 2.0 - Renewed Great Power Competition in the Earth's Orbit", Christoph Schwarz, about the increasing militarisation of outer space. Also, Sebastien Moranta from the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) joins the conversation to provide a deeper insight about military space activities at EU level.