Food and National Security in Africa

Seleman Yusuph Kitenge: Linking Food and National Security in Africa: Lessons from Russia-Ukraine Conflict, AIES Fokus 2/2023



This policy brief analyses the link between food security and national security in Africa, focusing on the impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the continent. It highlights the importance of food security in promoting human development and national security, as two-thirds of the global extremely poor population lives in Africa. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has created socio-economic challenges and is expected to disrupt food security, particularly as these countries are major producers and suppliers of staple food commodities and fertilizers. The brief examines the lessons African policymakers can learn from the conflict, including the need to build a resilient food system and promote local agriculture and food production. The policy brief concludes by emphasizing that guaranteeing food security is crucial for national security in Africa and that African governments must prioritize access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to avoid internal conflicts and instability.

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