Can Japan Take Forward the B3W Initiative Ahead?

Jagannath Panda: Can Japan Take Forward the B3W Initiative Ahead? AIES Fokus 15/2021



Under the new leadership of Prime Minister Fumio Kishida the focus of various Japanese diplomatic initiatives is likely to continue and expand that include supporting and joining hands with new global initiatives, such as the Build Back Better World (B3W).

This policy paper looks at Japan's interests in the B3W: primarily, how the newly envisioned initiative takes account of Tokyo's geo-political goals, infrastructure, and connectivity diplomacy. Can Japan take forward the B3W initiative in the Indo-Pacific region based on its status as a reputable leader in the infrastructure developmental aid domain? What are the ways in which Japan can capitalise on its expertise and long-standing leadership as an aid partner to effectively and efficiently implement the B3W initiative? The central argument put forth in this policy brief is that Japan's expertise and geo-political positioning makes it a critical part of the B3W venture and, accordingly, Tokyo can be a vital leader in shaping and implementing the B3W.

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