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The EU and China

AIES as the host of the annual conference of the European Think-tank Network on China


Apr 27, 2023 / Vienna / Indo-Pacific

On the 20th and 21st of April, the AIES hosted the annual spring meeting of the European Think-tank network on China (ETNC). Over 20 China experts from 15 European countries joined us to engage on recent developments in EU-China as well as Sino-Russian relations and to present their respective countries’ approach to the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

The question of how the EU could devise and implement a common and coordinated approach towards the PRC was not only a key topic among our ETNC-colleagues, but also at the heart of a subsequent roundtable discussion with selected Austrian stakeholders regarding current developments and future perspectives in EU-China relations.

The AIES joined ETNC in 2019 and has since regularly published chapters on Sino-Austrian relations as part of the ETNC reports:

Dependence in Europe’s Relations with China | AIES Wien

China’s Soft Power in Europe – Falling on Hard Times | AIES Wien

Covid-19 and Europe-China Relations. A country-level analysis | AIES Wien

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European Think-tank Network on China

Our Guests

Central European Institute of Asian Studies


Economic Policy Institute

Egmont Royal Institute of International Affairs

Elcano Royal Institute


Institut français des relations internationales

Institute of International Economic Relations

Institute of International Relations Prague

Istituto Affari Internazionali

Latvian Institute of International Affairs

Mercator Institute for China Studies (Merics)

Swedish National China Centre

The Romanian Institute for the Study of the Asia-Pacific

Vilnius University Institute of International Relations and Political Science