Or Yissachar, M.A.

AIES Associate Fellow

Or Yissachar has been focusing his research on national security and defense practices, strategy and philosophy, with a special emphasis on the European Union, France, Israel, Iran and the USA. Originally from Israel, and coming from a security background, Mr. Yissachar has graduated from Sciences Po's Paris School of International Affairs with a master's degree in International Security, where he specialized in the European Union's foreign, security and defense policy. He also studied extensively diplomacy as well as politico-military relationship in France.

Having previously interned in the AIES during his master's studies, focusing on the Nuclear Agreement with Iran, Mr. Yissachar has also interned in the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) in Tel Aviv as a staff member for head of the institute, former Israeli Intelligence Chief Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin, as well as former Mossad Research Department Chief Ms. Sima Shine. Mr. Yissachar's experience in the private market, such as his tenure as market analyst in the business intelligence firm Meidata, has greatly contributed to his practical approach, attempting to find the linkage between notion and implementation.

Mr. Yissachar believes in embracing a multi-angled approach to foster a deeper understanding of the research questions ahead. As such, a concert piano and composer, he has graduated from Tel Aviv University with a bachelor degree in Classical Piano Performance and Musicology. He speaks Hebrew as mother language, masters English, French and Persian, and speaks intermediate Arabic and German.

His most recent publications include among others The advantages and risks in keeping, fixing or terminating the Nuclear Deal with Iran and Afghanistan: A New American Strategy?.