India's Arab-Mediterranean Corridor

Michaël Tanchum: India's Arab-Mediterranean Corridor: A Paradigm Shift in Strategic Connectivity to Europe, ISAS South Asia Scan, 27 August 2021


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India's Arabian-Mediterranean (Arab-Med) Corridor to Europe is an emerging multi-modal, commercial corridor that could radically reconfigure trade patterns between the Indian Ocean Region, the Middle East and Europe. For India, this new connectivity constitutes a strategic paradigm shift of enormous geopolitical consequence that could reshape its role in the Eurasian economic order.

The Scan explores the connectivity architecture that could result in an alternative trans-regional commercial transportation route, development of the multi billion-dollar 'India-Middle East Food Corridor', joining forces in petrochemicals manufacturing by integrating India's hydrocarbon value chain and creating an innovation corridor for green energy and innovative technology manufacturing value chains.