Europe‘s Geostrategic Reorientation

Velina Tchakarova, Michael Zinkanell, Sofia Maria Satanakis, Christoph Schwarz: The Strategic Compass as Europe's Defining Moment of Geostrategic Reorientation, AIES Fokus 16/2021



The following paper addresses the four key areas of the Strategic Compass – inclusive multilateralism, capability development, crisis management, and resilience – while analysing the EU's potentials and opportunities. The authors arrive at the conclusion that if the EU and its member states, including Austria, do not consider the Strategic Compass a defining moment of geostrategic reorientation today, external powers will make certain decisions that will directly affect the future of the European Union tomorrow. Provided that expectations are met, the Strategic Compass could make a significant contribution to the development of a common European security and defence culture. The EU would thereby manage to overcome its strategic "naivety" and act upon the increasing interconnectedness of various security policy issues and challenges with greater awareness and confidence.

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