The Middle East

Walter Feichtinger: The Middle East, AIES Fokus 7/2021, Special Series on the Strategic Review of Global Hotspots

Fokus 7



When it comes to the situation in the Middle East every analyst is facing uncountable challenges because of lacking transparency and invisible networks. Therefore, it is necessary to define exactly what one is talking or writing about. The intention of this article is to identify relevant trends and developments in that war-torn region in order to gain a strategic overview. In this regard, five strategic trends in the Middle East will be discussed: 1) A new geopolitical orientation on the Arabian Peninsula; 2) A stronger Israel; 3) An anti-Iran coalition; 4) The failing ‘Arabellion’; and 5) Turkish aspirations in the region.

This special Fokus series on the Strategic Review of Global Hotspots consists of seven parts and is based on the AIES online discussion on the same topic. The online lectures of the authors are available at

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