The Dragonbear

Velina Tchakarova: The Dragonbear: An Axis of Convenience or a New Mode of Shaping the Global System? Irmo Brief 05/2020



The Institute for Development and International Relations (IRMO) in cooperation with Zagreb Office of Hanns Seidel Foundation (HSSt) is publishing a series of publications (policy briefs), dealing with different topics in the field of contemporary international relations. The focus of interest will be directed towards the processes and policies relevant to Croatia, Southeast Europe and beyond. The purpose of "IRMO Brief" publications is to foster the policy-making process by spreading the culture of public debate about relevant contemporary topics.

The May 2020 edition of the IRMO Brief, authored by Velina Tchakarova, deals with the rapprochement between China and Russia, which has been emerging in order to challenge the Western domination globally. The two countries, occupying a vast portion of the Eurasian landmass, have an immense potential for cooperation in the fields of trade, energy and defense. However, China and Russia have also often been strategic rivals during the history, and the main catalyst of their rapprochement is competition with the United States. The author also analyses whether these two powers will find the way to shape the global system together, surpassing their opposing interests in the world, from the Pacific to the Balkans.

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