AIES Fokus 5/2016: Eine nationale Sicherheitsstrategie für Kroatien

Apolonija Rihtarić: Why Croatia urgently needs a new holistic National Security Strategy, AIES Fokus 5/2016


17.08.2016 / Vorige / Nächste Publikation

In the midst of the rising security challenges, daring Croatian politicians have to put delicate foreign and security issues on the table at the earliest opportunity. A new comprehensive National Security Strategy for the Republic of Croatia has to be created finally since the only one published in 2002, is indisputably outdated. As a consequence, this paper will focus on Croatia’s current foreign and security perspective based on existing strategic documents and legislation. With that aim, firstly Croatia´s security frameworks will be identified. Then, a list of current and imminent threats will be presented. Croatia´s relations with some of its neighboring countries as well as with some global players will be given as well. Ultimately, the guidelines on how to proceed will be introduced.

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