AIES Fokus 4/2013: Canadian Peacebuilding in the Balkans

Benjamin Zyla: Free Riding for Punching? Canadian Peacebuilding in the Balkans in the 1990s, AIES Fokus 4/2013.



Canada is one of those middle powers, and this article analyzes how Canada contributed to the UN and NATO's peacebuilding operations in the Balkans in the 1990s. More specifically, it examines Canada’s role in European security, particularly NATO's first out-of-area operation and the conflicts in the Balkans. While these discussions about the role and identity of NATO as international security actor preoccupied the debate of the future of the transatlantic alliance in the 1990s, it appears that one of the consistencies of that debate is a lack of Canada therein. In other words, what is interesting about NATO's post-Cold War search for its prospects, soul, identity, and destiny is that that debate is missing Canada.

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