Europe and the Islamic World

AIES Conference Brief 1/2012: Expert Workshop – Europe and the Islamic World


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Several important issues concerning the development of Sudan were addressed during a conference with Sudanese experts and officials as well as Austrian and European experts in May 2012 in Vienna. Firstly, the relations between the Arab World and Europe were discussed. In order to develop a mutually beneficial dialogue between the Arab World and Europe there need to be significant changes in the European approach and perceptions about the respective regions have to be questioned in order to achieve a dialogue on equal levels based on mutual respect. Secondly, the issue of the Arab Spring was addressed. A range of root causes were identified which lay at the bottom of most uprisings. Nevertheless, there is need for a more nuanced approach to the region without drawing overarching conclusions, as each country is in a unique situation and the uprisings were triggered by different events due to the country-specific social, political and economic settings. Thirdly, Sudanese issues were presented with a focus on the possibilities for cooperation between the South Sudan and the Sudan.

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Die Krise im Südsudan
Am 28. Januar 2014 organisierte das AIES in Kooperation mit der Diplomatischen Akademie und der Politischen Akademie eine Expertenrunde zum Thema "Die Krise im Südsudan: Hintergründe und Lösungsansätze".
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