Taiwan Elections Indo-Pacific Security

Election Results in Taiwan and Global Security Dynamics

Discussion with AIES Director Michael Zinkanell

Jan 16, 2024 / Budapest, Hungary / Indo-Pacific

On January 16, Micheal Zinkanell, Director of AIES, participated in the Joint Event of the Political Capital and Taipei Representative Office, at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary.

During the panel “The Results of the elections in Taiwan and Global Security Dynamics”, other guests engaged in noteworthy discussions regarding post-Taiwanese elections security developments in Asia and in the World, elaborating on crucial thoughts regarding future prospectus, the meaning of the elections for democracy, the crucial challenges of maritime disputes and disinformation campaigns, and Europe’s role in Indo-Pacific security.

Along with Michael Zinkanell, additional experts contributed to the discussion.

Noting, in the picture from left to right: Stephen Yates from the America First Policy Institute, Justyna Szczudlik from the Polish Institute of International Affairs, Matej Šimalčík from the Central European Institute of Asian Studies, Lenka Meluzínová from the Prague Security Studies Institute, and Yujen Kuo from the Institute for National Policy Research.

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