Director Michael Zinkanell visits Taipei

AIES Research Trip to the Republic of China (Taiwan)

Sep 21, 2023 / Taipei, Taiwan / Indo-Pacific

AIES Director Michael Zinkanell recently visited the Republic of China (Taiwan) during a research and networking trip in order to discuss relevant regional developments with scholars and experts in Taipei. In the course of his visit, Michael Zinkanell had the opportunity to meet with researchers from the Prospect Foundation and Academia Sinica, the Head of the European Economic and Trade Office in Taiwan, the Deputy Director-General and the Executive Director of the European Union Centre in Taiwan, and representatives from the Institute for National Defense and Security Research among other experts.

The main purpose of the trip was to gain in-depth insights into the most pressing issues regarding the Cross-Strait relations, explore potentials for enhanced academic exchange between the EU and Taiwan, and to foster the personal and professional connection with leading scholars and researchers.

Michael Zinkanell with Adrian Rauchfleisch, Deputy Director-General of the EU Centre in Taiwan and Marc Cheng, Executive Director of EU Centre in Taiwan

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