One Year After the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

One Year After the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The New Security Landscape and European Responses

Feb 28, 2023 / Israel / European Security and Defence

AIES Director Michael Zinkanell spoke at the conference "One Year After the Russian Invasion of Ukraine" on 22 February 2023, which was organised by the Israel Defense and Security Forum (IDSF) in collaboration with the Embassy of Slovakia in Israel.

The IDSF Head of Research Department and AIES Associate Fellow Or Yissachar started the conference with an opening statement and by introducing the two other speakers Ambassador Danny Ayalon and Dr. Anat Hochberg Marom. In his speech, Michael Zinkanell presented the impacts of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and outlined the implications to the European security architecture. Mr Zinkanell concluded that the Western support represents a key element in Ukraine’s self-defence, that peace talks between Ukraine and Russia are unrealistic under the current circumstances, and that Europe’s geographic periphery will remain increasingly volatile.