5th INDIA-EU Track 1.5 Maritime Security Dialogue

AIES Senior Advisor Nikolaus Scholik participated as speaker

5th INDIA-EU Track 1.5 Maritime Security Dialogue

Sep 21, 2023 / Delhi / Indo-Pacific / EU Affairs / European Security and Defence

AIES Board Member and Senior Advisor Dr. Nikolaus Scholik participated in this year's fifth India-EU Track 1.5 Maritime Security Dialogue. The event was held at the National Maritime Foundation in Delhi on September 21-22, 2023. At the event, Dr. Scholik spoke  on the expert panel "Current Geopolitical Implications for the Indian Ocean: Implications for the EU-India Engagement Process."

Dr. Scholik presented his analysis from the perspective of the European Union. He presented the different structures/performance parameters of the two partners and stated that, in his view, the main geopolitical problem in the greater region is and remains the confrontation between the United States and China for global leadership. India, for its part, should better coordinate its global political positioning with the EU in the future, and the latter, in turn, should press ahead with its efforts to establish a unified, political-security leadership in a swift and goal-oriented manner.

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