China Xi Jinping

China and the Xi Jinping Era

Public lecture with McGregor

Dec 12, 2023 / Vienna / Indo-Pacific

On 12 December, the AIES, in cooperation with the Australian Embassy, organized a public lecture on "China in the Xi Jinping Era" with Richard McGregor at the Vienna School of International Studies.

Richard McGregor analyzed the structures within the Communist Party of China. He illustrated how these structures have shifted under the current leadership of Xi Jinping towards his sole rule, away from the traditional internal power balance within the CCP apparatus. McGregor successfully elaborated on the complex power dynamics within the Communist Party's Politburo. He revealed the hierarchy and internal relationships among the individual actors around Xi Jinping. McGregor also emphasized China's geopolitical rivalry with the United States, highlighting that China will be a significantly more competitive contender for hegemony than the Soviet Union ever was. He referred to the role of the private sector in the Chinese economy and its innovative power, which not only drives Chinese exports in global trade but also contributes to the stability of the Communist Party.

Mc Gregor is a Senior Fellow for East Asia at the Lowy Institute, Australia’s premier foreign policy think tank in Sydney. He is a former Beijing and Washington bureau chief for the Financial Times and the author of numerous books on East Asia. Richard is a Senior Associate (Non-resident) at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in the United States. Furthermore, he was a visiting scholar at the Wilson Center and George Washington University in Washington DC from 2014-2016.

The event was welcomed by the Director of the Vienna School of International Studies, Emil Brix and moderated by AIES Director Michael Zinkanell.


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