Geostrategic and Geoeconomic Consequences for World Order

Oct 09, 2023 / Vienna / Indo-Pacific / Global Affairs

On October 09, 2023, a public panel discussion the BRICS enlargement and its geopolitical impact took place at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. It was organized by the Austria Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES) in cooperation with the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW) and the Vienna School of International Studies.

Dr. Mario Holzner, Executive Director of the WIIW, and Dr. Werner Fasslabend, President of the AIES, held presentations on the geopolitical and geoeconomic perspectives on the BRICS enlargement. The presentations were followed by an in-depth discussion with Moderator Michael Zinkanell, Director of the AIES, and the audience.

Specific attention was given to the focus of the BRICS enlargement in the Middle East and Africa, and the significance of each other opposing powers such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, India and China, and Egypt and Ethiopia cooperation within BRICS. Another contentious issue of the discussion was the control of resources and trade routes, as well as economic structures and dependencies within both the new BRICS and the Western world.

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