Afghanistan – Present situation and Outlook

AIES Talk with Mansoor Ahmad Khan, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Afghanistan

Mar 22, 2022 / Global Affairs

On the 23rd of February 2022, AIES President Dr Werner Fasslabend spoke to Mansoor Ahmed Khan, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Afghanistan. The interview focused on Ambassador Khan's impressions of the interim government the Taliban has put in place after its takeover, and how it has dealt with socio-economic problems. The discussion continued to cover the outlook for Afghanistan and its citizens.

Ambassador Mansoor Ahmad Khan emphasised the importance of recognition for the Taliban interim government for accessing credit on global markets as well as the alleviation of economic and humanitarian issues in the country. He spoke of the disagreements between the international community and the Taliban on the meaning of inclusivity, especially when it comes to religious minorities and women and how this affects recognition. The good work that the Taliban has done in the country is also highlighted by Ambassador Khan. Finally, he underlined the strong desire of Afghanistan's neighbours for a peaceful Afghanistan, with hopes that it could become a regional transport and trade hub.