Building our digital society with cybersecurity

Michael Zinkanell at the Paris Cyber Summit by LinkedIn


A European summit to discuss, both formally and off-the-record, how to build trust in cyberpace, with partners and allies as well as with those we may disagree with : that is the essence of Paris Cyber Summit.

Commissioners, EU Ministers, Public Decision-makers and CEOs from Members States gather in Paris for a top leaders meeting to discuss our future society.

Building a safer Europe could only be achieve by connecting our national ecosytems, this our conviction and vision for the EU. Since 2018, we are visiting all our colleagues in Europe to meet, discuss and understand better what are their expectations, what are their goals and what they need. This how we can shape our discussions.

AIES Deputy Director Michael Zinkanell will be moderating a high-level panel discussion on hybrid threats and disinformation at the Paris Cyber Summit this Thursday, May 12th

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