Stanley R. Sloan

AIES Senior Advisor


Stan Sloan is a Visiting Scholar in Political Science at Middlebury College, a Nonresident Senior Fellow in the Scowcroft Center of the Atlantic Council of the United States, and a Senior Advisor at the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy. He is a member of The Alphen Group, a transatlantic forum of top experts and former senior US and European officials organized to consider and advise on international security issues. Over the past 20 years, he has taught alternating courses on transatlantic relations and American power in Middlebury’s Winter Term. Since the 1990s, Stan has lectured more than 70 times at the NATO College in Rome where he was named an Honorary Ancien in 2005.  

In 1999, Stan concluded government service as the Congressional Research Service (CRS) Senior Specialist in International Security Policy after 24 years in a variety of CRS research and management positions. During 1997-98, at the request of the late Senator William Roth, Stan served as rapporteur for the North Atlantic Assembly special presidential report on “NATO in the 21st Century.”  He served previously as the Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Western Europe at the Central Intelligence Agency and as a member of the US Delegation to negotiations on Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions in Vienna, Austria.

After completing his Masters in International Affairs at Columbia University in 1967, he was a Distinguished Graduate of the US Air Force Officers Training School, then serving as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. Prior to his two years at Columbia, he had received his BA from the University of Maine after graduating from Montpelier High School in 1961. While at the CIA, he completed all work except for his dissertation for his PhD at American University.

Stan’s latest book, published by De Gruyter in December 2021, is De-Trumping U.S. Foreign Policy: Can Biden bring America back? In September 2020, Manchester University Press published his Defense of the West: Transatlantic Security from Truman to Trump. In 2018, Manchester published his award-winning Transatlantic traumas: Has illiberalism brought the West to the brink of collapse?