Saurav Narain

AIES Intern

Saurav Narain completed a master’s in international relations from Leiden University, The Netherlands in 2020. In addition, he holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics, Mathematics, and Statistics from India's Christ University. After spending two years in the Netherlands as an arms trade analyst and as a social enterprise manager, he is now pursuing an Erasmus Mundus International Master in Intelligence, Security, and Strategic Studies at the Universities of Glasgow, Dublin, and Prague. The topic of his master's thesis is the securitisation of democracy in Tunisia. 

His research interests include the theory of securitization, democratization, and right-wing extremism in the Middle East, Europe, and South Asia. He is also interested in examining the evolving security dynamics in the Global South because of shifting great power rivalries; hence, he is assisting AIES with security-related events and research initiatives. He has been an intern at the AIES since March 2023.