Lawrence Kettle, MA

AIES Associate Fellow

Lawrence Kettle, MA, graduated from the University of Groningen with a Masters in International Relations and International Organization and specialising in International Security; and with a Bachelors degree in International Relations with honours from Aberystwyth University. His previous experiences have included an internship at the Centre for European Security Studies (CESS) in Groningen, The Netherlands, as well as being elected the Vice-President of the United Nations Association for Youth (UNA Youth) for the United Kingdom. Prior to coming to the AIES, he was the Bruno Kreisky Fellow at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs (OIIP).

His research specialisations include International Security and Security Concepts. He also has an interest in United Nations peace and security operations (peacekeeping to peace enforcement).

His current research centres on the areas of European Union Foreign and Security policy, Strategy Global Strategy (In particular EU Global Strategy), and the Brexit issue.