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Year Date Format Title Description Subject Author PDF
2022 2022/04/30 Enter the 'DragonBear' Velina Tchakarova, Enter the 'DragonBear': The Russia-China Partnership and What it Means for Geopolitics, ORF Issue Brief No. 538, April 2022, Observer Research Foundation. China, Russland, Indien Tchakarova PDF-Download
2022 2022/04/25 AIES Fokus The rapid reactions of the Central European countries to the war in Ukraine Lívia Benko: The rapid reactions of the Central European countries to the war in Ukraine, AIES Fokus 3/2022 EU-Mitgliedsländer, Russland, Ukraine Bulajcsíková-Benková PDF-Download
2022 2022/04/25 AIES Studien Dependence in Europe’s Relations with China Dependence in Europe's Relations with China: Weighing Perceptions and Reality, Report by European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC) – April 2022. Austria: From the Chinese Hoffnungsmarkt to European strategic dependence, Austrian country chapter by Lucas Erlbacher. China PDF-Download
2022 2022/03/08 AIES Fokus What to expect from Czech Foreign policy in 2022-2025? Tomáš Kolomazník, Zdeněk Rod: What to expect from Czech Foreign policy in 2022-2025? AIES Fokus 2/2022 EU-Mitgliedsländer, China, Internationaler Akteur, Russland, Ukraine PDF-Download
2022 2022/03/04 Towards an EU-India Indo-Pacific Connectivity Partnership for Effective Engagement with ASEAN Michaël Tanchum, Velina Tchakarova, Christoph Schwarz Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES), Harsh V Pant, Premesha Saha, Pratnashree Basu Observer Research Foundation (ORF) Indien PDF-Download
2022 2022/01/13 Country Perspectives – Austria Velina Tchakarova: Country Perspectives – Austria; in: Euro-Atlantic Concerns regarding a US »Sole Purpose« Policy, A Review of Twenty-One National Perspectives. Anna Clara Arndt / Liviu Horovitz / Claudia Major / Jonas Schneider / Lydia Wachs (eds.).  Reseach Division International Secutiry, WP Nr. 4 December 2021. Rüstungskontrolle, Sicherheitspolitik, NATO Tchakarova PDF-Download
2021 2021/12/21 AIES Fokus Europe‘s Geostrategic Reorientation Velina Tchakarova, Michael Zinkanell, Sofia Maria Satanakis, Christoph Schwarz: The Strategic Compass as Europe's Defining Moment of Geostrategic Reorientation, AIES Fokus 16/2021 Internationaler Akteur, Sicherheitspolitik PDF-Download
2021 2021/11/16 AIES Studien Arms Control Wolfgang Richter: A Framework for Arms Control – Current Status of and Requirements for Conventional Arms Control in Europe, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP), Austria Institut für Europa- und Sicherheitspolitik (AIES), Berlin/Vienna 2021 Abrüstung Fasslabend, Tchakarova, Zinkanell PDF-Download
2021 2021/10/28 AUKUS AUKUS: Resetting European Thinking on the Indo-Pacific? Edited by Niklas Swanström & Jagannath Panda, Special Paper October 2021, Institute for Security & Development Policy. With a contribution by Velina Tchakarova. AUKUS Pdf Download
2021 2021/10/25 European Security Put to the Test Prof. Dr. Klemens H. Fischer (Hrsg.): European Security Put to the Test – Perspectives and Challenges for the Next Decade,  Nomos, 2021, 222 Seiten, broschiert, ISBN 978-3-8487-8558-2. GASP-ESVP Fischer Leseprobe (PDF)
2021 2021/10/19 AIES Fokus Can Japan Take Forward the B3W Initiative Ahead? Jagannath Panda: Can Japan Take Forward the B3W Initiative Ahead? AIES Fokus 15/2021 Japan, Corona PDF-Download
2021 2021/07/26 AIES Fokus Learning Truth from Facts: Britain’s evolving relations with the PRC Matthew M M Henderson: Learning Truth from Facts: Britain's evolving relations with the PRC. AIES Fokus 14/2021 China PDF-Download
2021 2021/06/17 AIES Studien China's Engagement in Central and Eastern European Countries AIES (eds.): China's Engagement in Central and Eastern European Countries, AIES Study 2021 EU-Mitgliedsländer, China Satanakis PDF-Download
2021 2021/06/15 AIES Fokus The South China Sea Nikolaus Scholik: The South China Sea, AIES Fokus 12/2021, Special Series on the Strategic Review of Global Hotspots China, Hotspots Scholik PDF-Download
2021 2021/06/08 AIES Fokus The Three Seas Initiative Velina Tchakarova, Livia Benko: The Three Seas Initiative as a Geopolitical Approach and Austria's role, AIES Fokus 11/2021 Transatlantik, Außen-Europapolitik, Sicherheitspolitik, Regionale Zusammenarbeit Tchakarova, Bulajcsíková-Benková PDF-Download
2021 2021/06/07 AIES Fokus Israeli-Greek Naval, Air Force and Defence Industry Cooperation Eugene Kogan: Israeli-Greek Naval, Air Force and Defence Industry Cooperation, AIES Fokus 10/2021 ESVP, Nachbarschaft, Israel PDF-Download
2021 2021/05/31 AIES Fokus South Asia and India Herbert Traxl: South Asia and India, AIES Fokus 9/2021, Special Series on the Strategic Review of Global Hotspots Indien, Hotspots Traxl PDF-Download
2021 2021/05/25 Sammelband The CFSP of the EU – The View from Austria Vladislava Gubalova, PhD, Senior Fellow, Centre for Global Europe (ed.): From Contestation to Buy-In: The EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy as seen from European Capitals –  National Approaches to the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy. A Collaborative Report ESVP Tchakarova, Satanakis PDF-Download
2021 2021/05/07 Sammelband Handbook on CSDP Jochen Rehrl (Ed.): Handbook on CSDP – The Common Security and Defence Policy of the European Union, Vol. I, 4th edition. Vienna/Austria, 2021 Europäische Integration, ESVP PDF-Download
2021 2021/04/30 AIES Fokus President Biden’s First 100 Days Stanley R. Sloan: President Biden's First 100 Days, AIES Fokus 8/2021, Special Series on the Strategic Review of Global Hotspots EU-USA, Hotspots Sloan PDF-Download
2021 2021/04/20 AIES Studien China’s Soft Power in Europe China's Soft Power in Europe – Falling on Hard Times, Report by European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC) – April 2021. China's soft power in Austria: building on the power of nonchalance, Austrian country chapter by Lucas Erlbacher. China, Corona PDF-Download
2021 2021/03/03 AIES Fokus The Middle East Walter Feichtinger: The Middle East, AIES Fokus 7/2021, Special Series on the Strategic Review of Global Hotspots Weltraum, Hotspots PDF-Download
2021 2021/02/23 AIES Fokus Space Competition Ralph Thiele: Space Competition, AIES Fokus 6/2021, Special Series on the Strategic Review of Global Hotspots Weltraum, Hotspots PDF-Download
2021 2021/02/11 AIES Fokus The rule of law in the European Union Lívia Benko: The battle for the compliance with the rule of law in the European Union is not over yet, AIES Fokus 5/2021 EU-Integration, EU-Mitgliedsländer, Innen- und Justizpolitik Bulajcsíková-Benková PDF-Download
2021 2021/02/09 AIES Fokus The Disruptive Impact of the Cyber Domain on International Security Policy Michael Zinkanell, David Kirsch: The Disruptive Impact of the Cyber Domain on International Security Policy, AIES Fokus 4/2021 Internationaler Akteur, Cyber, Corona Zinkanell PDF-Download
2021 2021/02/05 AIES Studien The Strategic Role of External Actors in the Western Balkans Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, Political Academy of the Austrian People's Party, Austria Institut für Europa- und Sicherheitspolitik: The Strategic Role of External Actors in the Western Balkans, Study December 2020 Balkan PDF-Download
2021 2021/02/01 AIES Fokus The Shift in Turkey’s Foreign Policy Sofia Maria Satanakis, Katrin Süss: The Shift in Turkey's Foreign Policy, AIES Fokus 3/2021 Türkei, NATO Satanakis, Suess PDF-Download
2021 2021/01/18 AIES Fokus EU-Trends in 2021 Velina Tchakarova, Michael Zinkanell, Livia Benko, Katrin Süss, Sofia Maria Satanakis, Christoph Schwarz: EU-Trends in 2021, AIES Fokus 1/2021 Europäische Integration, EU-Außenbeziehungen Tchakarova, Satanakis, Bulajcsíková-Benková, Zinkanell, Schwarz, Suess PDF-Download
2020 2020/10/13 AIES Fokus The Franco-German reaction to the COVID19 pandemic Eloïse Ryon: The Franco-German reaction to the COVID19 pandemic and its consequences, a step forward for Europe? AIES Fokus 13/2020 EU-Integration, EU-Mitgliedsländer, Corona PDF-Download
2020 2020/10/09 AIES Fokus US leadership and Central European countries Lívia Benko: What would the possible change in the US leadership mean for the Central European countries? AIES Fokus 12/2020 EU-Mitgliedsländer, EU-USA Bulajcsíková-Benková PDF-Download
2020 2020/10/07 AIES Fokus The coup d‘état in Mali Michael Cserkits: The coup d'état in Mali – Synchronizing African Facts with European Conceptions, AIES Fokus 11/2020 Afrika PDF-Download
2020 2020/08/25 AIES Fokus Italy and Turkey‘s Europe-to-Africa Commercial Corridor Michaël Tanchum: Italy and Turkey's Europe-to-Africa Commercial Corridor: Rome and Ankara's Geopolitical Symbiosis Is Creating a New Mediterranean Strategic Paradigm, AIES Fokus 10/2020 EU-Mittelmeerpolitik Tanchum PDF-Download
2020 2020/08/11 AIES Fokus The EU’s Eastern Partnership between a rock and a hard place Johann Wolfschwenger: The EU's Eastern Partnership between a rock and a hard place, AIES Fokus 9/2020 Russland, Ukraine, Südosteuropa, Georgien, Osteuropa, Moldova, Armenien PDF-Download
2020 2020/07/08 AIES Fokus Morocco‘s Africa-to-Europe Commercial Corridor Michaël Tanchum: Morocco's Africa-to-Europe Commercial Corridor: Gatekeeper of an emerging trans-regional strategic architecture, AIES Fokus 8/2020 EU-Mittelmeerpolitik Tanchum PDF-Download
2020 2020/06/25 Deceive and Disrupt: Disinformation as an Emerging Cybersecurity Challenge Arthur de Liedekerke, Michael Zinkanell: Deceive and Disrupt: Disinformation as an Emerging Cybersecurity Challenge, AIES Studies Nr. 13, June 2020 Cyber Zinkanell PDF-Download
2020 2020/06/18 Artikel Transatlantic Relations after the Pandemic? Euro Policy: How will the Transatlantic Relations change after the Pandemic? Key Representatives and Experts in the Security Sector offer their Perspective. NATO Satanakis PDF-Download
2020 2020/06/02 AIES Fokus Space Race 2.0 Christoph Schwarz, Sofia-Maria Satanakis: Space Race 2.0 – Renewed Great Power Competition in the Earth's Orbit, AIES Fokus 6/2020 Transatlantik, China, Russland, Weltraum Satanakis, Schwarz PDF-Download
2020 2020/05/28 The Covid-19 Situation in Syria Tamara Stangl, Michael Zinkanell: The Covid-19 Situation in Syria: Impacts, Scenarios, and Responses, AIES Fokus 5/2020 Syrien, Corona Zinkanell, Stangl PDF-Download
2020 2020/05/16 Artikel Development Aid, Migration and Conditionality Lívia Benková: Development Aid, Migration and Conditionality – The Case of the Marshall Plan with Africa, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies Policy Brief Analyses, May 2020 Afrika Bulajcsíková-Benková PDF-Download
2020 2020/05/14 Artikel The Dragonbear Velina Tchakarova: The Dragonbear: An Axis of Convenience or a New Mode of Shaping the Global System? Irmo Brief 05/2020 China, Russland Tchakarova PDF-Download
2020 2020/05/13 AIES Fokus EU – NATO Relations Velina Tchakarova, Sofia Maria Satanakis: EU – NATO Relations: Enhanced Cooperation Amidst Increased Uncertainty, AIES Fokus 4/2020 Internationaler Akteur, NATO, Corona Tchakarova, Satanakis PDF-Download
2020 2020/05/07 AIES Fokus Disinformation during Covid-19 from a European Perspective Michael Zinkanell: Disinformation during Covid-19 from a European Perspective, AIES Fokus 3/2020 China, Internationaler Akteur, Russland, Cyber, Corona Zinkanell PDF-Download
2020 2020/04/29 Covid-19 and Europe-China Relations Covid-19 and Europe-China Relations
A country-level analysis
European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC)
Special Report – 29 April 2020
China, Corona Tchakarova, Erlbacher PDF-Download
2020 2020/03/30 AIES Studien Pandemic Mitigation in the Digital Age Dr. Alexander Klimburg, Louk Faesen, Paul Verhagen, Philipp Mirtl: Pandemic Mitigation in the Digital Age - Digital Epidemiological Measures to Combat the Coronavirus Pandemic, AIES Studies, Nr. 12, März 2020 Corona Klimburg PDF-Download
2020 2020/03/30 AIES Studien Securitization in the Black Sea Region Alex Tanchev: Securitization in the Black Sea Region, AIES Studies, Nr. 11, März 2020 Osteuropa PDF-Download
2020 2020/02/04 AIES Studien Colonial Cables Stefanie Felsberger: Colonial Cables – The Politics of Surveillance in the Middle East and North Africa, AIES Studies 10, Feb 2020 Nahost-Golf-Mittelmeer Felsberger PDF-Download
2020 2020/01/31 AIES Fokus Violent extremism in the Sahel Matteo Ilardo: Violent extremism in the Sahel. Countering vulnerability to radical narratives: towards a more pragmatic approach, AIES Fokus 1/2020 Terrorismus, Afrika PDF Download
2020 2020/01/23 Sammelband Europe in the face of US-China rivalry Edited by: Mario Esteban and Miguel Otero-Iglesias along with Una Aleksandra Bērziņa-Čerenkova, Alice Ekman, Lucrezia Poggetti, Björn Jerdén, John Seaman, Tim Summers and Justyna Szczudlik. European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC), January 2020. China, EU-USA Urosevic PDF Download
2019 2019/12/23 EU-Trends in 2020 Velina Tchakarova, Sofia Maria Satanakis, Michael Zinkanell: EU-Trends in 2020, AIES Fokus 14/2019 Europäische Integration, EU-Außenbeziehungen, GASP-ESVP Tchakarova, Satanakis, Zinkanell PDF-Download
2019 2019/12/23 AIES Fokus The Nuclear Deal with Iran Or Yissachar: The advantages and risks in keeping, fixing or terminating the Nuclear Deal with Iran, AIES Fokus 13/2019 EU-USA, Iran Yissachar PDF-Download
2019 2019/12/19 AIES Fokus The Middle East's Year of the Dragonbear Michaël Tanchum: The Middle East's Year of the Dragonbear – The 2020 emergence of a Sino-Russian strategic architecture bridging Iran and its Arab Gulf Rivals, AIES Fokus 12/2019 China, Nahost-Golf-Mittelmeer, Russland Tanchum PDF-Download
2019 2019/11/14 AIES Fokus The Future Defense of the West Stanley R. Sloan: Transatlantic Relations and the Future Defense of the West – Implications for the EU and NATO, AIES Fokus 11/2019 NATO, EU-USA, Russland Sloan PDF-Download
2019 2019/10/08 Turkey’s strategic importance David Stefanovic: Turkey's perennial strategic importance and the S-400 Saga, AIES Fokus 10/2019 Türkei PDF-Download
2019 2019/09/18 AIES Fokus The Second Libyan Civil war Matteo Ilardo: Conflict Analysis: The Second Libyan Civil war – and how to avoid a third one, AIES Fokus 9/2019 Libyen PDF-Download
2019 2019/07/17 AIES Fokus Italy and France Elisabetta Recher: Italy and France: The effects of competition between allies on the regional stability in Northern Africa and on the European Union (an Italian perspective), AIES Fokus 8/2019 EU-Mitgliedsländer, Ägypten, Libyen PDF-Download
2019 2019/07/16 AIES Fokus A new nuclear crisis? Raphael J. Spoetta: A new nuclear crisis? Consequences arising from the US-Iranian collision course over the Iran Nuclear Agreement, AIES Fokus 7/2019 Transatlantik, Internationaler Akteur, Iran PDF-Download
2019 2019/05/21 AIES Fokus Turkey‘s String of Pearls Michaël Tanchum: Turkey's String of Pearls: Turkey's Overseas Naval Installations Reconfigure the Security Architecture of Mediterranean-Red Sea Corridor, AIES Fokus 4/2019 Türkei, Zypern, EU-Mittelmeerpolitik Tanchum PDF-Download
2019 2019/04/16 AIES Fokus European Energy Security Julian Grinschgl: Pipeline Politics, A Single Market, and the Rise of Renewable Energy: Challenges and Pathways for European Energy Security, AIES Fokus 3/2019 Klimawandel und Energie, Russland, Ukraine, Osteuropa PDF-Download
2019 2019/02/14 AIES Fokus Orbán's Hungary Lívia Benková: Hungary-Orbán's project towards "illiberal democracy", AIES Fokus 2/2019 EU-Mitgliedsländer Bulajcsíková-Benková PDF-Download
2019 2019/01/26 Post-Brexit Security Shaun Riordan: Post-Brexit Relations between the EU and the UK in the Field of Security and Defence Policy, AIES Fokus 1/2019 Cyber PDF-Download
2018 2018/12/30 Afrika und Europa Adam Karlsson: African Union – European Union relations: untapped opportunity or unsolvable predicament? A look at the development of the relations between Europe and Africa in recent years, AIES Fokus 8/2018 Cyber PDF-Download
2018 2018/12/20 Cyber-security Alex Tanchev: The strategic dimensions of cyber-security – an interdisciplinary approach, AIES Fokus 7/2018 Cyber PDF-Download
2018 2018/08/14 AIES Fokus The Prespa Agreement Sofia Maria Satanakis: Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: The Prespa Agreement. What comes next?, AIES Fokus 6/2018 Balkan Satanakis PDF-Download
2018 2018/08/09 AIES Fokus The Rivalry between France and Italy over Libya Matteo Ilardo: The Rivalry between France and Italy over Libya and its Southwest Theatre, AIES Fokus 5/2018 Libyen PDF-Download
2018 2018/06/28 AIES Fokus The Lebanese Parliamentary Elections Peter Nassif: The Lebanese Parliamentary Elections of 2018: Much Ado about Nothing?, AIES Fokus 4/2018 Libanon PDF-Download
2018 2018/04/30 AIES Fokus The Rise of Russian Disinformation in Europe Lívia Benková: The Rise of Russian Disinformation in Europe, AIES Fokus 3/2018 Russland Bulajcsíková-Benková PDF-Download
2018 2018/03/22 AIES Fokus The European Defence Action Plan David Christopher Jaklin: The EU's steps towards more strategic autonomy – The European Defence Action Plan, AIES Fokus 2/2018 ESVP, Internationaler Akteur Jaklin PDF-Download
2017 2017/12/30 AIES Fokus How to Strengthen Resilience in Fragile States: Taking Stock Benjamin Zyla: How to Strengthen Resilience in Fragile States: Taking Stock, AIES Fokus 8/2017 Syrien PDF-Download
2017 2017/12/29 AIES Fokus Brexit Negotiations: Phase One Completed? Lawrence Kettle: Brexit Negotiations: Phase One Completed?, AIES Fokus 7/2017 Brexit PDF-Download
2017 2017/12/22 AIES Fokus 'Jihadist Terrorism' and EU Responses João Raphael da Silva: 'Jihadist Terrorism' and EU Responses: Current and Future Challenges, AIES Fokus 6/2017 Syrien PDF-Download
2017 2017/12/21 AIES Fokus Das nächste Kapitel der Krise in Syrien Christine Strassmaier: The next chapter of the Syria crises – (obstacles to) reconstruction under the perspective of the current and future trajectory of the conflict, AIES Fokus 5/2017 Syrien PDF-Download
2017 2017/09/20 AIES Fokus Europe‘s Response to the Migration Crisis Lívia Benková: Europe's Response to the Migration Crisis, AIES Fokus 3/2017 EU-Mitgliedsländer, Innen- und Justizpolitik, Flüchtlinge Bulajcsíková-Benková PDF-Download
2017 2017/06/29 AIES Fokus South American Integration Stephanie Polezzeli: The South American Integration Trail: The Southern Integration and the European Union Model, AIES Fokus 2/2017 Lateinamerika PDF-Download
2017 2017/05/24 AIES Fokus Transatlantic Relations Stanley R. Sloan: Transatlantic Relations: A perfect storm across the Atlantic, AIES Fokus 1/2017 Transatlantik Sloan PDF-Download
2016 2016/12/20 AIES Fokus The Dayton Agreement Then and Now Lívia Benková: The Dayton Agreement Then and Now, AIES Fokus 7/2016 NATO Bulajcsíková-Benková PDF-Download
2016 2016/08/17 AIES Fokus Eine nationale Sicherheitsstrategie für Kroatien Apolonija Rihtarić: Why Croatia urgently needs a new holistic National Security Strategy, AIES Fokus 5/2016 Nachbarschaft Rihtarić PDF-Download
2016 2016/06/14 AIES Fokus Wahlen im Libanon Christine Strassmaier & Peter Nassif: Lebanese Municipality Elections 2016: Local decisions with national and regional ramifications, AIES Fokus 4/2016 Syrien, Libanon Straßmaier PDF-Download
2016 2016/05/25 AIES Fokus Der Rückzug Russlands aus Syrien Fariza Dzorthova: Understanding the Russian withdrawal from Syria, AIES Fokus 3/2016 Syrien PDF-Download
2016 2016/02/17 AIES Fokus Krieg in Syrien Christine Straßmaier: Turning the tide? Developments in the fifth year of the Syrian civil war, AIES Fokus 2/2016 Internationaler Akteur, Syrien PDF-Download
2016 2016/02/15 AIES Fokus Brexit Lawrence Kettle: The UK’s Referendum on EU Membership: The debates and the consequences of a Brexit, AIES Fokus 1/2016 EU-Mitgliedsländer Kettle PDF-Download
2015 2015/12/30 AIES Fokus Polish Foreign and Security Policy Kamil Szubart: The Future of Polish Foreign and Security Policy in the context of Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in 2015, AIES Fokus 8/2015 ESVP, GASP, Nachbarschaft, NATO PDF-Download
2015 2015/12/15 AIES Fokus Western Volunteer Fighters David Christopher Jaklin: Western Volunteer Fighters fighting Daesh – Background and possible Implications, AIES Fokus 7/2015 ESVP, Syrien PDF-Download
2015 2015/09/04 AIES Studien Cyber-Risk and Cyber-Security David B. Skillicorn / Christian Leuprecht: Beyond the Castle Model of Cyber-Risk and Cyber-Security, AIES Studien 4/2015 Terrorismus Leuprecht PDF-Download
2015 2015/08/28 AIES Fokus What future for the Eastern Partnership? Velina Tchakarova: What future for the Eastern Partnership? More than a partnership, less than a membership, AIES Fokus 5/2015 Ukraine, Georgien, Moldova Tchakarova PDF-Download
2015 2015/07/06 Sammelband Handbook on CSDP missions and operations Herausgegeben von Jochen Rehrl und Galia Glume, mit einem Beitrag von Arnold Kammel ESVP PDF-Download
2015 2015/06/26 AIES Fokus Eastern Partnership Iryna Mikhnovets: Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia: what has been done after the decisive Eastern Partnership, AIES Fokus 4/2015 Ukraine, Georgien, Moldova PDF-Download
2015 2015/04/22 AIES Fokus Gaza Stefanie Felsberger: Gaza: Destructive Reconstruction, AIES Fokus 3/2015. Konflikt Felsberger PDF-Download
2015 2015/04/11 AIES Fokus Ukraine Oleksiy Melnyk: Should War Be Given the Name … and A Chance?, AIES Fokus 2/2015. Russland, Ukraine PDF-Download
2014 2014/12/30 AIES Fokus The EU-Africa Partnership Arnold Kammel: The EU-Africa Partnership: Another Lost Year? AIES Fokus 8/2014. Afrika Kammel PDF-Download
2014 2014/12/19 AIES Fokus NATO after Wales Arnold Kammel / Sofia Satanakis: NATO after Wales: Back in Business? AIES Fokus 7/2014. NATO Kammel, Satanakis PDF-Download
2014 2014/12/09 AIES Fokus Transatlantic strategic cultures Benjamin Zyla: Between Mars and Venus: Transatlantic strategic cultures and Canadian Earthlings? AIES Fokus 6/2014. NATO PDF-Download
2014 2014/11/24 AIES Fokus The Conflict between Israelis and Palestinians Stefanie Felsberger: Palestine in Egypt: From Solidarity to Fear to Common Struggle, AIES Fokus 5/2014. Israel, Konflikt Felsberger PDF-Download
2014 2014/05/20 AIES Fokus Transatlantic Relations: Permanent Alliance or Perpetual Crisis? Stanley R. Sloan: Transatlantic Relations: Permanent Alliance or Perpetual Crisis?, AIES Fokus 2/2014. Transatlantik, Internationaler Akteur Sloan PDF-Download
2014 2014/02/26 AIES Fokus Croatia and the CSDP Lidija Čehulić Vukadinović: The Croatian View on the EU Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), AIES Fokus 1/2014. ESVP, Internationaler Akteur Vukadinovic PDF-Download
2013 2013/12/23 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 7/2013: The EU‘s Battlegroup in perspective Ana Isabel Xavier: The EU‘s Battlegroup in perspective: addressing present challenges for future deployments, AIES Fokus 7/2013. ESVP, GASP, Internationaler Akteur PDF-Download
2013 2013/12/22 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 6/2013: The EU and its European Neighborhood Velina Tchakarova: The European Union and its European Neighborhood: Before and After the Vilnius Summit of the Eastern Partnership, AIES Fokus 6/2013. Russland, Osteuropa, GUS Tchakarova PDF-Download
2013 2013/12/19 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 4/2013: Canadian Peacebuilding in the Balkans Benjamin Zyla: Free Riding for Punching? Canadian Peacebuilding in the Balkans in the 1990s, AIES Fokus 4/2013. ESVP PDF-Download
2013 2013/12/17 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 3/2013: Sudan and South Sudan after independence Arnold H. Kammel: The relationship between Sudan and South Sudan after independence – Interdependences as key variables for sustainable peacet, AIES Fokus 3/2013. Afrika Kammel PDF-Download
2013 2013/12/05 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 2/2013: CSDP on the agenda of Visegrad cooperation Csaba Törő: CSDP on the agenda of Visegrad cooperation – An increasingly important and practical instrument in a Central European concert, AIES Fokus 2/2013. Osteuropa, Visegrad Töro PDF-Download
2012 2012/12/19 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 8/2012: EU’s strategic partnership with China Franco Algieri: Irrelevant or not? Thoughts on the EU’s strategic partnership with China, AIES Fokus 8/2012. China Algieri PDF-Download
2012 2012/12/17 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 7/2012: Germany's role in the euro crisis Almut Möller and Roderick Parkes: Germany as seen by the other EU member states three years into the euro crisis, AIES Fokus 7/2012. Euro-Krise Möller PDF-Download
2012 2012/12/11 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 5/2012: French defence policy Yves Boyer: French defence policy in a time of uncertainties, AIES Fokus 5/2012. Internationaler Akteur PDF-Download
2012 2012/11/07 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 4/2012: The Future of Egyptian Foreign Policy Stefanie Felsberger: The Future of Egyptian Foreign Policy – To what extent will Egypt's foreign policy change under President Morsi?, AIES Fokus 4/2012. Ägypten PDF-Download
2012 2012/09/28 Artikel Peaceful protest in Egypt under Mubarak Stefanie Felsberger: The emergence of peaceful protest in Egypt under Mubarak, Observer: A Journal on threatened Human Rights Defenders in the Philippines, Volume 4, Number 1, 2012 Ägypten Felsberger PDF-Download
2012 2012/06/28 Artikel Germany as Viewed by Other EU Member States Germany as Viewed by Other EU Member States
Almut Möller and Roderick Parkes (eds.)
EPIN Paper
No. 33 / June 2012
Euro-Krise Möller PDF-Download
2011 2011/12/21 AIES Studien Demography and Security Christian Leuprecht: International security strategy: The socio-demographic and economic dawn of a new day, AIES Studien 3/2011, ISSN 2222-9841. Demographie Leuprecht PDF-Download
2011 2011/09/30 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 2/2011: The European Parliament and the CSDP Vojtech Horsák: The European Parliament and the Common Security and Defence Policy: Does the Parliament Care?, AIES Fokus 2/2011. EU-Integration, ESVP, GASP PDF-Download
2011 2011/05/24 AIES Studien Japan's North Korea policy Axel Berkofsky: Japan's North Korea policy: Trends, controversies and impact on Japan's overall defence and security policy, AIES Studien 2/2011, ISSN 2222-9841. Japan, Nordkorea PDF-Download
2011 2011/04/21 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 1/2011: Immigrant integration Dagmar Hilpert, Roderick Parkes: Split Citizenship: Immigrant integration in an age of circular migration, AIES Fokus 1/2011. Innen- und Justizpolitik PDF-Download
2011 2011/02/17 Artikel What the EU Did Next Short Essays For a Longer Life, Edited by Almut Möller et al, Berlin 2011 Möller PDF-Download
2009 2009/07/14 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 5/2009: Analyse der Europawahl Almut Möller: European Elections Under Scrutiny - Lessons for a European Democracy, AIES Fokus 5/2009. Europawahl Möller PDF-Download
2009 2009/06/29 Artikel The Future of Germany's Foreign Policy in the Middle East Almut Möller: The Future of Germany's Foreign Policy in the Middle East: European, Transatlantic, and Eventually More German? AICGS Transatlantic Perspectives, June 2009. EU-Mittelmeerpolitik Möller PDF-Download
2009 2009/02/23 AIES Fokus AIES Fokus 2/2009: Nach dem Gaza-Krieg Almut Möller: After Gaza: A New Approach To Hamas, AIES Fokus 2/2009. GASP, Israel Möller PDF-Download
2008 2008/11/18 Artikel Why China sees the EU as a counterweight to America Franco Algieri: Commentary - Why China sees the EU as a counterweight to America, Europe's World, Autumn 2008 China Algieri PDF-Download
2008 2008/09/06 AIES Studien Permanent Planning and Command Structures for Autonomous EU Operations Dr. Erich Hochleitner: Permanent Planning and Command Structures for Autonomous EU Operations. A Capacity Deficit to Be Adressed, Arbeitspapier, Maria Enzersdorf 2008. ESVP Hochleitner PDF-Download
2008 2008/06/28 Artikel The Lisbon Treaty and EDSP Sven Biscop, Franco Algieri (Eds.): The Lisbon Treaty and EDSP: Transformation and Integration, Egmont Paper 24, The Royal Institute for International Relations, Brussels, June 2008. ESVP, GASP Algieri, Biscop PDF-Download
2005 2005/08/03 AIES Studien The Political Criteria of Copenhagen and their application to Turkey Dr. Erich Hochleitner: The Political Criteria of Copenhagen and their application to Turkey, Arbeitspapier, Maria Enzersdorf 2005. Erweiterung, Türkei Hochleitner PDF-Download
2001 2001/07/01 Monographie, AIES Beiträge The Emergence of the CESDP and the State of the Transatlantic Relations Vladimir Bilcik: The Emergence of the CESDP and the State of the Transatlantic Relations. The Perspective of Central European Candidate States for EU-Membership / Die ESVP und der Stand der transatlantischen Beziehungen: Die Sicht der mitteleuropäischen EU-Beitrittskandidaten, Beiträge zur Sicherheitspolitik, Maria Enzersdorf 2001. ESVP, NATO