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Stanley R. Sloan

AIES Associate Fellow


Stan Sloan, one of America’s top experts on US-European relations, is the founding Director of the Atlantic Community Initiative, and is a Visiting Scholar at the Rohatyn Center for Global Affairs at Middlebury College.  He served as a consultant to the National Defense University Center for Transatlantic Security Studies in 2011-12 and since 2014 he is an Associate Fellow at the AIES.

For the past ten years, Stan has taught courses on transatlantic relations and on American power during the Winter Term at Middlebury College in Vermont.  His latest book, Permanent Alliance? NATO and the Transatlantic Bargain from Truman to Obama, was published by Continuum Books in July 2010.

Stan was educated at the University of Maine (BA), Columbia University's School of International Affairs (MIA), and American University’s School of International Service (abd PhD).  He is a Distinguished Graduate of the Air Force Officers' Training School and served as a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force. He began his more than three decades of public service at the Central Intelligence Agency in 1967, serving as NATO and European Community desk officer, member of the U.S. Delegation to the (Vienna) Negotiations on Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions, and as Deputy National Intelligence Officer for Western Europe.

Stan was employed by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the Library of Congress in a variety of analytical and research management positions from 1975-1999, including head of the Office of Senior Specialists.  During 1997-98, at the request of the late Senator William Roth, Stan served as rapporteur for the North Atlantic Assembly special presidential report on “NATO in the 21st Century.”  In April 1999, Stan retired from his position as the CRS Senior Specialist in International Security Policy and returned to his home state of Vermont to continue writing, lecturing and teaching.

His recent publications include:  “Differing Perspectives on Ukraine, Russia, NATO and US Policy,”, March 31, 2014; “Securing the Atlantic Community:  NATO is Not Enough”(with Sten Rynning), Atlantic Council of the United States; “Atlanticism’s Revenge?” (with Jordan Becker); (, December 11, 2013); “Keep Your Eyes on the Prize:  The Asia Pivot,” (, September 9, 2013); “NATO’s “neutral” European partners:  valuable contributors or free riders?”(NATO Review, May 2013); “What is NATO’s Role in a New Transatlantic Bargain?” in The Transatlantic Bargain (NATO Defence College, 2012); “NATO’s Deterrence Review:  Strategic Fiddling while Rome Burns?” (Strategic Insights, Winter 2011); “Re-engineering the transatlantic security and defence relationship,” (Wilton Park Report, rapporteur), September 28, 2011; “Counterpoint: In Defense of NATO,” International Herald Tribune/Global New York Times, June 28, 2011.

Stan has lectured widely in the United States and Europe on US foreign and security policy and on transatlantic relations.  His sponsors in recent years have included the United States State Department Public Diplomacy and the Fulbright Senior Specialist programs.  He has since the early 1990s been a regular presenter at the NATO College in Rome where, in September 2005, he was named an “Honorary Ancien.”

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AIES Fokus 2/2014: Transatlantic Relations

Stanley R. Sloan: Transatlantic Relations: Permanent Alliance or Perpetual Crisis?, AIES Fokus 2/2014.
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