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Ambassador Dr. Franz Cede

AIES Senior Advisor

Franz Cede studied Law in Innsbruck and holds a Doctor of Law degree of the University of Innsbruck. He worked then as a teaching assistant at the Institute for Politics and Public Law before leaving for Bologna and Washington where he studied International Relations and holds a Master's degree.

In 1972 he joined the Austrian Foreign Ministry and was assigned to the Office of International Public Law before going abroad to Paris, Rabat, Kinshasa and Los Angeles. Between 1999 and 2003 he was Austrian Ambassador to the Russian Federation and from 2003 till 2007 Austrian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and to NATO.

In 2007 Ambassador Cede was appointed Senior Advisor at the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES). Furthermore he teaches as Professor for Diplomacy at the Andrassy-University in Budapest.

Franz Cede has published several books and articles related to International Public Law, Security Policy and European Law and is a well-known expert as regards the relationship between Russia and the EU.

News & Publications

Botschafter Dr. Franz Cede

AIES Senior Advisor
14.10.2015 / Mehr

AIES Fokus 6/2009: Die Zukunft der EU

Franz Cede: Das Konzept des "Europäischen Regierens" im Lichte des zweiten irischen Referendums, AIES Fokus 6/2009.
25.09.2009 / Mehr

Moskau nach den Wahlen

Franz Cede: Moskau nach den Wahlen - Ein neues Kapitel der russischen Politik, Unsere Sicherheit Europa 1/2008.
01.05.2008 / Mehr

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