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JUDr. Lívia Bulajcsíková Benková, M.A.

AIES Research Fellow

JUDr. Lívia Bulajcsíková Benková, M.A. obtained her master's degree in Law at the Paneuropean University in Bratislava, where she further continued with her doctoral studies. In 2016, Mrs. Benková finished her Doctorate in Criminal law focusing on the topic: "The Right to a Fair Trial in Criminal Proceedings". Simultaneously, she finished the Master´s Programme of European Studies-Management of EU Projects at the University of Eisenstadt.

Mrs. Benková successfully completed diverse internships, at the United Nations Development Programme in Bratislava and at the Institute for Peace Support and Conflict Management- National Defence Academy in Vienna.

Mrs. Benková has been working as a Research Fellow at AIES since 2016. Her areas of interest are foreign policy in Central Europe (in particular in the Visegrad countries), migration and NATO.

Mrs. Benková is the author of several publications focusing on the aforementioned fields of expertise. She co-authored in regard to an article published by the Martens Centre-European View volume titled: "The impact of demographic developments in Africa on Europe".

News & Publications

Will the EU lose the East?

Livia Benkova, Apolonija Rihtarić, Velina Tchakarova: Will the EU lose the East? AIES Studies 6 / May 2018.
07.05.2018 / Mehr

AIES Fokus 3/2018: The Rise of Russian Disinformation in Europe

Lívia Benková: The Rise of Russian Disinformation in Europe, AIES Fokus 3/2018
30.04.2018 / Mehr

JUDr. Lívia Bulajcsíková Benková, M.A.

AIES Research Fellow
29.01.2018 / Mehr

AIES Fokus 3/2017: Europe‘s Response to the Migration Crisis

Lívia Benková: Europe's Response to the Migration Crisis, AIES Fokus 3/2017
20.09.2017 / Mehr

AIES Fokus 7/2016: The Dayton Agreement Then and Now

Lívia Benková: The Dayton Agreement Then and Now, AIES Fokus 7/2016
20.12.2016 / Mehr

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