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Partners & Network

The Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy cooperates with many European and international partners.


These institutions are funding and supporting AIES:


AIES is cooperating with these institutions:

In addition, the AIES is part of the network of research institutions, focussing primarily on European Foreign and Security Policy, of the EU Institute for Security Studies and is a member of EuroDefense and the European Ideas Network.

AIES is also part of the EU's European Security and Defence College.

Dr. Franco Algieri, Janis Emmanouilidis and Ambassador Manfred Scheich at the 12th European Forum. © Rainer Mirau Photography


The international network EuroDefense was founded in France in the 1990s. EuroDefense wants to contribute to the project of a common European Security and Defence Policy. In this context proposals are elaborated which are based on the following questions: How can the EU improve their capability to act independently as a international military player? How can the strategic partnership with the US be sustained?

EuroDefense is a non-partisan network of personalities from diplomacy, the armed forces, economics and academia, advocating and supporting the project of a common European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP) and its implementation on a European level. In the following 13 of 27 EU member states there are EuroDefense organisations according to the French model: Belgium, Germany, France, Greece, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Rumania, Spain and Hungary.

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The European Ideas Network (EIN) is a public pan-European think tank process, implemented in 2002, fostering innovative reflections on the central challenges with which the EU and its member states are confronted.

The EIN counts about 600 members in the EU member states including politicians, representatives of economics, academia and think tanks, the media as well as civilians. In working groups the major challenges of the EU are discussed. Every year there is a Summer University organised. The network also offers a platform for national think tanks and political academies to collaborate on a European level. At present more than 35 organisations are members of the EIN. The AIES has been a member since 2004.

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About us

The Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy / AIES is a private non-partisan research institute established in September 1996. The institute was founded by Austrian security experts as well as individuals involved in politics, economics and academia. As a research institute and think tank the AIES contributes to the enhancement of the knowledge and awareness of European and international policies and security issues in Austria.

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