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Methods & Communication

Pawel Swieboda and the Russian Ambassador to the EC Vladimir Chizhov listening to Dr. Michael Spindelegger's speech at the 12th European Forum in November 2008. © Rainer Mirau Photography

The AIES uses different methods, instruments and forums for executing their wide range of tasks including the following:

  • elaborating basic materials on Europe and ESDP-related issues;
  • carrying out studies and preparing analyses and comprehensive expert assessments ;
  • issuing scientific publications contributing to awareness rising;
  • organising expert meetings, lectures und discussions;
  • organising international symposia, workshops and seminars as well as collaborating in international expert conferences;
  • Information and Public Relations;
  • creating a pool of experts on Europe and its security policy;
  • interacting with affiliated research institutions and universities both in Austria and abroad as well as with similar European and International institutions;
  • organising and holding lectures in Austria and abroad;
  • collaborating with all relevant academic, political, economic, social and military institutions as well as with the media and civil organisations.

The AIES makes use of different publication formats. In AIES-Focus topics of current interest are discussed in the form of short analyses. The AIES-Studies provide an in depth-discussion of questions regarding the above mentioned fields of research. Both formats are provided on the homepage of the AIES in PDF-format. In the scientific series of the AIES all monographs and miscellanies on Europe and its security policy are published in conventional book form.

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About us

The Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy / AIES is a private non-partisan research institute established in September 1996. The institute was founded by Austrian security experts as well as individuals involved in politics, economics and academia. As a research institute and think tank the AIES contributes to the enhancement of the knowledge and awareness of European and international policies and security issues in Austria.

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