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Cooperating with AIES

The AIES offers a platform for various public, political and economic groups and actors. Thus there are many cooperation relations with Austrian as well as with European and International institutions. Cooperation with the AIES is possible in manifold ways, ranging from common projects to joining the organisation.

The AIES ranks among the beneficiaries of § 4 Abs. 4 Z 5 lit. e Einkommenssteuergesetzes (EstG 1988 idgF). Donations to the AIES therefore count as business expenses according to § 4 Abs. 4 Z. 5 EstG 1988 or as special expenses according to §18 Abs. 1 Z 7 EstG 1988 respectively.

Contact: Dr. Arnold Kammel

Botschafter Dr. Rudolf Lennkh, Sektionsleiter für Integrations- und wirtschaftlichspolitische Angelegenheiten, EU-Koordination, GenLt Mag. Christian Segur-Cabanac, Leiter der Sektion Einsatz, BM a.D. Dr. Marilies Flemming.

About us

The Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy / AIES is a private non-partisan research institute established in September 1996. The institute was founded by Austrian security experts as well as individuals involved in politics, economics and academia. As a research institute and think tank the AIES contributes to the enhancement of the knowledge and awareness of European and international policies and security issues in Austria.

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