South Caucasus as Global Hotspot

Velina Tchakarova speaks with Robert Cutler


AIES Director Velina Tchakarova speaks with Robert Cutler, Senior Research Fellow and Director, Energy Security Program, NATO Association of Canada; Fellow, Canadian Global Affairs Institute; and Practitioner Member, Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation, University of Waterloo. The digital discussion covers the emerging post-conflict situation in the South Caucasus and its implications for international political and economic relations in the broader region. Starting with relations among the countries there, the webinar branches out to discuss Turkey, Russia, Iran, the Greater Caspian Sea region, and finally China. It then shifts gears a bit to forecast developments in the post-Cold War international system more broadly until 2025 and through the 2020s, into the 2030s and 2040s, looking forward to the system's breakdown in the mid-2040s and a transition to another international system to begin to emerge in the late 2050s, touching on the potential role of India.

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