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Velina's Talk – YouTube

Perceptions of the EU in Central Europe amid COVID-related crisis

23.03.21   Online Panel with Velina Tchakarova

Cyber Security in International Politics: The Perspectives of Japan and Austria

22.03.21   Online Discussion

Co-hosted event by the Embassy of Japan in Austria, the Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy (AIES), and the Vienna School of International Studies.

Die geopolitische Brisanz der Energiewende

17.03.21   AIES Talk mit Karin Kneissl, Außenministerin a.D.

AIES Präsident Dr. Werner Fasslabend Spricht mit Karin Kneissl, Außenministerin a.D., über die geopolitische Brisanz der Energiewende.

How governance can shape a better future?

08.03.21   E-Discussion with Velina Tchakarova

AI & Global Power

08.03.21   Online Panel with Velina Tchakarova

Myanmar – Crisis and Perspectives

03.03.21   AIES Talk with Kristina Kironska and Alfred Gerstl

AIES Präsident Dr. Werner Fasslabend interviews Dr. Kristina Kironska, researcher at the Palacky University Olomouc in Czechia, and Dr. Alfred Gerstl, Professor President of CEIAS, about the Myanmar crisis and perspectives.

Any Chance for the Iran Nuclear Deal?

25.02.21   AIES Talk

AIES President Dr. Werner Fasslabend speaks with Ali Soltanieh, F. Iran Ambassador to IAEA, and Heinz Gärtner, Prof. University of Vienna, about the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Europe’s Belt and Road corridors into Africa

19.02.21   With statements about the AIES and the publications of AIES Senior Associate Fellow Dr. Michaël Tanchum

In this publication, Michaël Tanchum examines the three trans-Mediterranean corridors that are emerging between Europe and Africa through the Mediterranean region. The author also presents recommendations for the further path to creating successful and mutually beneficial commercial relations between Europe and Africa.

The Situation in Afghanistan

19.02.21   Al Jazeera Interview with AIES President Dr. Werner Fasslabend

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Strategic Review on Global Hotspots

12.02.21   Online Discussion

On the 28th of January 2021, AIES President Dr. Werner Fasslabend discussed strategic challenges in global hotspots for 2021 with seven guest speakers. The event was opened by the Director of the Diplomatische Akademie Wien, Dr. Emil Brix. Afterwards, experts Martin Sajdik, Wolfgang Pusztai, Walter Feichtinger, Herbert Traxl, Nikolaus Scholik, Alfred Gerstl, and Ralph Thiele shared their insights on strategic trends in Eastern Europe, Africa and the Mediterranean Sea, the Middle East, India, China, Southeast Asia, and Space.

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