Aktivitäten, Artikel & Interviews

Jahr Datum Titel Untertitel Medium
2022 2022/09/25 „Der Westen hatte 20 Jahre lang eine Russia-first-Politik“ Interview mit Velina Tchakarova energate-messenger.de
2022 2022/08/17 Amnesty-Bericht zur Ukraine Zivile Opfer bewusst in Kauf genommen? Statements by Ulf Steindl tagesschau.de
2022 2022/08/15 Austria commits to neutrality, even as Russia destroys Ukraine Statements by Christoph Schwarz Al Jazeera
2022 2022/06/27 Poetins invasie is het begin van een nieuwe Koude Oorlog Interview Velina Tchakarova NRC (The Netherlands)
2022 2022/06/10 „Für die Ukraine geht es um Krieg oder Unterwerfung“ Interview mit Dr. Werner Fasslabend und Velina Tchakarova Cercle Diplomatique 02/2022, pp. 66 – 70
2022 2022/06/02 „Offensive auf Odessa "nicht wahrscheinlich" Interview mit AIES Senior Advisor Franz-Stefan Gady ZDF
2022 2022/05/18 Philippinen: Wahlerfolg für Diktatorensohn Video-Statements von Alfred Gerstl Der Standard
2022 2022/05/03 Die Spirale der Eskalation im Ukraine-Krieg AIES-Direktorin Velina Tchakarova zu Gast bei PUNKT EINS. ORF / Ö1 Podcast
2022 2022/03/29 Österreichs Verteidigungspolitik Im Gespräch mit AIES Senior Advisor Franz-Stefan Gady Ö1-Mittagsjournal
2022 2022/03/22 Neue Gas-Politik / Krieg in der Ukraine Mit Statements von Velina Tchakarova (ab 27.14 min) ORF Report
2022 2022/01/24 Die Bifurkation des Globalen Systems und die Geburtsstunde des Drachenbären Eine Analyse von Velina Tchakarova CSA Kompakt, Nr. 02/2022
2022 2022/01/20 Biden reveals an uncomfortable truth about NATO's divide on Russian aggression in Ukraine Statement by Velina Tchakarova CNN
2022 2022/01/20 What the Kazakhstan crisis tells us about international relations Commentary by Velina Tchakarova CEIAS Considers
2022 2022/01/14 2022: Russia the other Pacific Power By Velina Tchakarova 9DASHLINE
2021 2021/11/25 Eastern Mediterranean Energy and Regional Cooperation: 2021 Outlook By Michaël Tanchum IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2021
2021 2021/11/20 The EU realizes it can't rely on America for protection Statement by Velina Tchakarova CNN
2021 2021/11/19 Geopolitical Europe: How to navigate in the Indo-Pacific Decade? By Velina Tchakarova medium.com
2021 2021/10/30 Libya is taking baby steps in the right direction By Wolfgang Pusztai peacefare.net
2021 2021/10/25 AUKUS: Resetting European Thinking on Indo-Pacific? Special Paper with the participation of Velina Tchakarova
2021 2021/10/01 What The New German Government Coupd Look Like: The Three Options Podcast with Velina Tchakarova @StratNewsGlobal (Soundcloud)
2021 2021/09/22 Wort der Woche: Indopazifik Ö1 Moment Notizen – mit Alfred Gerstl ORF1
2021 2021/09/17 America's deal with UK and Australia leaves France bruised and Europe in the cold on China Statements by Velina Tchakarova CNN
2021 2021/09/02 Partnership for a Rules-based Order in the Indo-Pacific Participation of Velina Tchakarova, Bled Strategic Forum 2021 bledstrategicforum.org
2021 2021/08/31 Nations have vastly different approaches towards relations with the Taliban Interview with Velina Tchakarova DW News
2021 2021/08/27 India's Arab-Mediterranean Corridor: A Paradigm Shift in Strategic Connectivity to Europe By Michaël Tanchum ISAS South Asia Scan
2021 2021/08/24 Afghan withdrawal leaves allies to face harsh reality of US's departure from world stage Statements by Velina Tchakarova CNN
2021 2021/07/29 Will China get embroildes in the Graveyard of Empires? By Velina Tchakarova 9dashline.com
2021 2021/06/14 The Biden-Putin meet in Geneva is a spill-words summit Statements by Velina Tchakarova The Probe
2021 2021/05/14 EU-India relations further strengthened after the Leaders’ Meeting, say think tanks experts Webinar with Velina Tchakarova eeas.europa.eu
2021 2021/05/11 10 megatrends shaping emerging Europe in the post-pandemic 2020s Statements by Velina Tchakarova intellinews.com
2021 2021/05/01 Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific Decade – Part II Intervention by Velina Tchakarova TDHJ, Special Edition #2
2021 2021/04/26 Russland und der Rest der Welt Velina Tchakarova zu Gast in der ORF1-Radiosendung "Punkt Eins" ORF1
2021 2021/04/22 United States and the significance of global choke points Essay by Velina Tchakarova wszystkoconajwazniejsze.pl
2021 2021/04/13 Is A Cold War 2.0 Inevitable? Article by Velina Tchakarova Raisina Files 2021
2021 2021/03/22 Systems thinking in Global Affairs with Velina Tchakarova Podcast by Velina Tchakarova Spotify
2021 2021/03/08 India and China: Geopolitics in the Indo-Pacific Decade – Part I By Velina Tchakarova 9dashline.com
2020 2020/12/31 Für ein starkes Europa in der Welt Gastkommentar von Velina Tchakarova NZZ
2020 2020/11/11 The EU and India: A Geoeconomic Approach towards Establishing a Far-Reaching Partnership in the Indo-Pacific region Paper by Velina Tchakarova euindiathinktanks.com
2020 2020/11/11 EU-India think tanks present insights on effective bilateral cooperation for a post-Covid world Participation by Velina Tchakarova euindiathinktanks.com
2020 2020/09/18 Wie die EU eine Flüchtlingsroute aus der Hand gibt Statements von Wolfgang Pusztai kurier.at
2020 2020/09/14 Blue Homeland: the doctrine behind Turkey's Mediterranean claims Statements by Dr. Michaël Tanchum N-World
2020 2020/09/13 Greece, Turkey signal willingness to talk about sea dispute Statements by Dr. Michaël Tanchum AP News
2020 2020/08/28 Could Turkey become a gas benchmark for the Eastern Mediterranean? Statements by Dr. Michaël Tanchum TRT World
2020 2020/08/26 NATO allies are facing off in the Eastern Mediterranean Statements by Dr. Michaël Tanchum CNN
2020 2020/08/18 How Did the Eastern Mediterranean Become the Eye of a Geopolitical Storm? By Dr. Michaël Tanchum Foreign Policy
2020 2020/07/08 COVID19 and the Indo-Pacific Decade By Velina Tchakarova, Raisina Debates orfonline.org
2020 2020/07/06 Conversing COVID – Part IV Interview with Velina Tchakarova Security Distiller
2020 2020/07/04 Cracks in the Trump-Europe relationship are turning into a chasm Statement by Velina Tchakarova CNN
2020 2020/03/24 The Global Covid-19 System Crisis By Velina Tchakarova Medium.com
2020 2020/03/08 AI & Global Power Interview with Velina Tchakarova YouTube
2019 2019/08/02 China – Russia: Six Questions Considering the Dragonbear By Velina Tchakarova Medium.com
2019 2019/07/08 China and Russia Are Getting Along Better Than Ever, the U.S. Has Only Made It Easier for Them Statements by Velina Tchakarova Newsweek
2019 2019/06/14 Boosting Europe's interests in an increasingly bipolar world By Velina Tchakarova Medium.com
2018 2018/09/11 Wie Libyen stabilisiert werden könnte Gastbeitrag von Wolfgang Pusztai ZEIT